Could it be true that in many cases the very thing we seem least expert on, least equipped to discuss, or most overwhelmed by, is the one thing for which we need to give voice? It seems like an odd assertion, ignorant even, to some.  Yet, I dare say, that when an area of life is a battle, even if you feel among the weakest or most unknowledgeable, the commentary from that raw perspective may be of substance and even provide rescue to those hoping for greater insight.

I typically don’t talk on the issue of parenting. After all, I’m not very far along in the journey and, truth be told, have never felt more inept or overwhelmed in an area of life. I joke a lot with my friends, “I can work the boardroom, but am totally worked on the playground.”  It’s a joke only in part because there is a very real sense of angst and timidity when i think about my role as a parent.

Life is demanding. Children are intense. People are opinionated.

The experts are paid a lot of money to pen volumes on the how to’s of child rearing. I teeter constantly between loading up my bookshelves and throwing them all in the trash. It’s an industrious and profitable market. Yes, your kids are a market. Must it be so complicated?  What did we do with our children before all of the self-help?

And maybe it’s weighing heavy on me this week because I read the horrific account of a 12 year old girl jumping to her death because of bullying. My first thought wasn’t “where were her parents?” or “why?”. My only thought was “Oh My God…help us.”  HELP US.  Please help every family in America. I’ve observed the rhetoric around cyberbulling, which incidentally is current popular national topic, and I believe a foundational strategy and case building for more governmental oversight of web content and internet activities, but I digress. I’ve also observed the barage of remarks on schools, families, teachers, friends, bullies blasted about on Facebook and twitter.  Someone must be to blame. Judgement must be assigned. Understanding must be given.

But, some things we will never understand. Some things aren’t easily chalked off to the fault of another.

I was careful. Delicate in my discussion about this because I am a mother. Not a perfect mother. Not a super organized mother. Not always the most conscientious mother.  But, I am a mother who loves my kids. A love that often gives me a stomachache and sometimes keeps me up at night wondering if I’m giving them everything they need. A love that propels me to drive by their school often when I’m local,  just so I that I might catch a glimpse of them on the playground.  It’s a love that longs to understand them, works effortlessly to nurture, guide, support and provide for them in the very best ways I know how.  And, I was also a kid.  I was a kid with really awesome parents. But the will of the flesh is strong and despite their very best efforts to control and contain, to proctor and govern, Aimee did what Aimee wanted to do, at the expense of authority…many many times.  The only difference is the outcome for me didn’t end in death. The emotional torment at times was the same as any other kid. And, I imagine, so was yours.  All of these dynamics, I believe, are in constant force against one another and the weight of other external factors like friends, peer-pressure or pressure in a more complex and cruel form which we’ve named cyber-bullying are augmenting the struggle. I don’t have an answer. I’m not on a side. I’m simply saying, Let’s get real and talk about the tough stuff before a situation occurs and we cannot.

And, maybe it’s all of this that exacerbated the gut-wrenching and unnerving feeling that came over me when my own Owen went for some learning testing this week and the results were not what we had hoped for.  You begin to think about what these things mean. Are they even accurate? But, you don’t KNOW him. He is not a case study.  You want to make an evaluation and advise us on what his life will look like based on your 2 hour observation? Is that how this works?

The feelings of inadequacy intensified. The self-drill began. What did I do? What didn’t I do? What in the world? I should of read more books. I should have read HIM more books…in the womb, while drinking pre pregnancy brain stimulating drinks.  Maybe I should have let him watch Baby Einstein?  Classical music in the crib?

In this moment of bewilderment, I gaze at Owen. He is a bright-eyed boy with the biggest heart in the entire world. He is praying for kids in Africa, something he does routinely. Afterward, he offers his snack to Olivia. He looks up at me smiling, “Mom, you know what!? I did awesome on my test. I got them all right.” My eyes filled and I struggled to hold back the flood, “Yes, you did do awesome, baby. You ARE awesome.” He believes. And you know what? I believe in Owen.

I glance at my phone with 6 missed calls and 7 texts messages and think, nobody else could be more important at this moment. NO ONE. My mind shifts back the the headline story of the week. I fast forward 5 years from now, and I too wonder….

Parenting is not a job for sissies.  It’s also not a task for know-it-all’s. It’s a call. It’s partnership with God to steward his very best gifts.  It’s about being compassionate and needy. It’s about being as teachable personally as you expect your kids to be because we all have so much to learn. Parenting is not a topic for which we can afford to make cavalier comments on a social media status about the skill or mistakes of another.

I’m talking about it today because I need to. That is all. For me. For Owen and Olivia. And, perhaps for other folks who are scratching their heads after a  few years in the trenches and saying, God please….don’t let me screw this up.

It’s 5:58 am on Saturday. I suppose I could be sleeping, but I like to be among the first to greet the sun. It’s always been that way for me.  But, more importantly, this is my favorite time of day. It’s quiet…. well at least it will be for another 30 minutes or so.  To be able to hide away for a bit of writing is such an indulgence for me. To be able to breathe life into the series of thoughts that have paced the portals of my mind any given day is both a gift and a mystery. I’ve said it before, but when I sit at this keyboard, I rarely have any idea what I shall say. I wait a moment or two and usually the words pour through me.

We should all be doing a little of something we love, whether or not we feel proficient in it. There is something magical about awakening passion in your heart. It energizes the soul. I write not because I’m great at it, nor do I share because I’m a masterful communicator or expert in any content. I tell stories because my heart loves to connect with people and, deep down, I think we all have a desire for a sense of relatedness.  I’ve always enjoyed finding deep significance in ordinary moments. I look for life to teach me profound lessons in very simplistic circumstances. I treasure authenticity. I love truth and justice, but find myself leaning on the side of mercy so much more (perhaps because I’ve been the humble recipient of so much of it). I am always searching. My current aspiration? To be the type of person who a friend would think of when she wants a warm cup of coffee and someone to listen to her.

You’ll always get the real from me. I don’t embellish, although I’m often dramatic in content delivery. And yes, I put that in writing.

People ask me often, “How do you like Colorado?” The answer seems simple enough, and of course my response is always “Oh, we love it.” Then I walk away thinking, “they asked YOU”. Not Steve. Not the kids. Not about the church.  They asked you if you liked Colorado. This interaction is followed by further introspective analysis, a bit of which I will explore here.

Initially, I enjoyed Denver as a novelty. I love exploring the various neighborhoods. The landscape is clearly different from Florida, being 5000 feet above sea level and all.  The fact that I finally (and those who know me will understand the exasperation with which I deliver this sentiment) live in an urban center with massive city parks , a public rail system (not that I ever use it), and museums was almost more than I could handle. I discovered that the mile-high city is a haven for foodies. Yes, my epicuriousity heightened by neighborhood restaurants that actually operate from a farm to table perspective. How intriguing!  Early on, I found myself hiking and driving through mountains, breathing fresh air and drinking crystal clear water….from the tap.  Bad hair days and humidity became a distant memory and I felt like a new world had been unleashed. Freshly inspired, I picked up a pair of gardening gloves and traded my stilettos for Keens.  I was beginning to like Colorado.

It’s a relaxed kind of living. I find the people warm and endearing. We have wonderful neighbors. Neighbors who make organic honey to share, repair my son’s bike tire when it’s flat and cut fresh iris from their yard for me. Imagine that.  The pace is slower, the days a little longer and family time far more intentional. When things are unfamiliar, you cling to one another with a tighter grip. That, for us, has been wonderful.  Recently, I ordered a home delivery dairy service. They bring milk, eggs, cheese, etc to my house every week. Something sweet, old-fashioned and tremendously appealing to me about that.  I’ve decorated the house, made a few friends, and waltzed right into a new routine.  I guess you could say, Colorado is growing on me.

Even with all of this goodness, it hasn’t felt like home. This had, up until a few weeks ago, been a point of consternation for me.  I would wonder about it. We’ve been here 8 months. How long does it take to get comfy? After pondering this for the last couple of months, it came to me on my 2 hour work commute,  ” You really haven’t let your heart connect.”  That phrase whispered in my heart. What? Heart connect?  I thought,  “What do you mean? I’m committed!!! I’m here! I’m trying.” And I began to defend myself against myself. Ever done that? You know, the great internal debate?  But, it is true that your heart does not lie. Something in me had been holding a piece of Florida and my life there in cautious containment. Part of me was only reserving this present space in time for Colorado as a pilot program. I mean, we could always go back if it’s too hard, or too sad, or too lonely, or too risky. Right?  Yes, I had those thoughts. And yes, I was busted.

In this moment, I knew I had to surrender my whole heart to making this rocky mountain high my home. The quest for place to put down our roots began. I started to feel a twinge of excitement when thinking about a neighborhood, a house of our own, the people we would meet and a place to call home.  What will life look like this time next year?

Prayerfully, we selected a community. This week we purchased a home.  It’s 5 minutes from the kids’ school and  Steve’s office.  It’s a little east of the highway making an easy commute for me.  It’s lovely and right in every way.  I’m told my zucchini will do just fine there. We are building it, anticipating an early 2014 move in.  I am excited. Yes, I love Colorado.





I’m staring over this screen and into a half-full cup of coffee, wondering if I’ll actually finish either a blog post or the java before a clamoring call to arms begins.  Wait. Who am I kidding?  Actually, the morning fire drill began before I even poured the first cup.

Truth? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Something happened to me over my 4 week sabbatical from children this summer: I actually began to want to enjoy my kids. That may seem a little strange to say or even for one to admit.  You kind of get thrust into the parenting thing, you know? Every stage of infancy and childhood is so unique. I think it’s easy to focus on the deliverables that necessitate being a parent.  Feed them, cloth them, train them.  Teach them some social skills so they know how to engage people quite mannerly. Make sure they know a few cute tricks to entertain friends during chance meetings in the super market and more complex ones when invited to the neighbor’s BBQ.  Yes, focus on all the things that will prevent you from actually ruining your kid or emotionally wounding them early on. Give enough hugs, but don’t baby them. Focus on them, but don’t fixate.   DO NOT MESS UP THIS CAREFULLY ORCHESTRATED RECIPE FOR WELL-BEING.

And in all whipping up, I forgot that perhaps the most important thing I could hope for, pray for even, was the addition of a secret ingredient….desire.

A desire to enjoy my kids.


Like the garden, or my husband on a spontaneous date night (when he tells me my dress looks like Lola, a swanky cantina in the Highlands, and sweeps me away for table side guacamole), or text marathon with my friends.  Could I actually ask God to give me a renewed want to for this thing called parenting?  Not because I’m the only mother they’ll ever have. Not because I’m obligated. Not because it’s what good parents do.


 Love them because I want to. Be with them because it’s fun.

Interestingly enough, my joy has returned over unusual things, like drilling sight word flash cards, getting creamed in Candyland, selecting purple eyeglasses, swimming with a duck at the pool, employing two small tomato pickers in a backyard garden, shooting a rocket in the front yard, and learning new songs,

As find myself anticipating their stories and waiting for them to get home., I realize that they are inherently nurturing me and watching over me far more than I’ve known.   How is this possible? Surely at 5 & 6 they have no concept of designated roles and responsibilities. No,  their love is  expressed through hearts wide open and they too, have learned the simplicity of enjoyment.



February. February? That is the last time I stared at this screen? July. July? Yes, it is July. Just like that, five months have blown by me with little opportunity to record even a thought.  Coincidence? Not so much.  Sure, I considered it:  when my mother came to spend 3 weeks with us in March when Steve and enjoyed our first dinner alone since we moved here . Yes, a lovely dinner it was on my birthday. Writing crossed my mind when my girlfriends came to take me skiing, and again when the snow FINALLY melted. The screen beckoned still when Owen lost His first tooth, when we planted a garden, when Steve received a promotion at work, when Olivia attended her first sleepover, and as recently as last week…when I walked in the front door of my house and my heart whispered…you are home.

Yes, life has been a whirlwind, but in an amusement park  roller coaster adventure sort of way. With lots of twists and turns and even a few upside downs, we are racing through the course with our hands up high. I never really thought about it, but on a roller coaster you’re fat at the mercy of the vehicle, anticipating surprise,  and surrendered to every rickety advance. Even with your eyes closed and a scream of release, somehow you are smiling ,laughing and crying simultaneously. It’s crazy. And when it’s over, at least for me, you are completely conflicted between a “let’s do it again” and “Nope..that’s it.”

And so it has been with my life out west. Each day presents something unexpected and un-rehearsed. Even the most normal occurrence becomes extraordinary through seemingly small details.  I am back to writing because of a little nudge on the inside. One thing I know, there is a season to everything. I am stepping into a new season of expression with only two expectations in my heart….for my thoughts be genuinely expressed and for my pen to guided by an influence greater than me. A bit of authenpencity, I’d say, if you’ll indulge me a word creation.


This shall be interesting.

Since we’ve been out west , every day life has been full throttle.  As it turns out, we’ve had little time to really enjoy the beauty of Colorado.  Today we threw our hands up and said forget responsibility, chores, and other to-do tasks! Fuh-ghetta-bout-it.  B-Line to The Springs (as WE locals call it) for a date with nature! Oh, how I adore this place. Because my words will fail miserably to describe the splendor, I’ll leave you with some images instead.




Last week was one of THOSE weeks.  To give you a sampling, my firstborn caught influenza A two days prior to my departure for a work trip to North Carolina.  Of course, our resident celebrity/socialite Olivia was selected to be Star Student of the week (which requires various extras like making an all-about-me poster, toting favorite books and toys to school, etc) and I had a week chalk full of training.  I realized that I was not handling the organized chaos as gracefully as I should when last Sunday evening, a very sick Owen had an accident on my new leather couch…my raw cowhide leather couch.  My, eat-on-this -sofa-and-die leather couch.  This incident catapulted me into a bit of a fit…not with Owen, but with Steve. It was the proverbial straw we reference that breaks said camel’s back.  In this case, the camel was crushed and I cried for two hours about everything from work stress to kid crisis to exhaustion to homesickness to…I won’t even.

The next day I pulled it together, hopped a flight to Raleigh, prayed for a miraculous evaporation of pee, and an expedient refueling to my personal tank of sanity.  As it turns out, the couch recovered and so did I. The family survived 3 days without me and when I returned I felt far more equipped to serve my family.  Amazing what 2 nights in a hotel, alone with God, a couple of uplifting books and some prayer will do.

By Friday, I’d forgotten all the whining I’d done to God about bringing me relief.  I’d recovered from the stain (which, I feel personally adds to the sofa’s fine patina), and caught up sleep. But God had not forgotten about me.  He’d not forgotten about the admission of loneliness …the homesickness…the exhaustion…the need for reprieve.  And around 2:00 I received a very unexpected phone call.

One of my very best friends had landed in Denver for work.  She would be staying the night and wanted to go to dinner. As you can imagine it took me .5 seconds to accept the invitation, for what would be wonderful time being silly and catching up on all of life’s craziness. Godwinks like these, remind me that He knows exactly what I need and He’s always on time.

He goes to great extremes to speak to our hearts in times of discouragement and struggle….even if it means flying your friend all the way from the east coast.


And my star student…


This has been one of those weeks where I just have to enforce a personal code of  mandatory deep breaths. With work ramping up and learning so many new things, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  So, rather than to fixate on the comprehensive checklist and wondering how to accomplish it, I choose one thing, usually the easiest, and conquer that first. It’s sort of like the Dave Ramsey financial approach to domestic engineering.

Schools are getting more demanding, as is the workplace. People always want something from you. Someone always needs something that requires my participation to aid in the successful execution of their process. And then there are community causes, and church and wonderful outreaches–we all want to be a giver. I always have to find the balance…that my “give out” doesn’t cause me to “give up.”

You’ve been there, right?  I’m learning how to balance a lot of new responsibilities with not a lot of help. It’s very difficult.  It’s a lot of work. And, in a way acknowledging the tough things is part of the deep breath process for me.

It’s ok to wonder. It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok to say,

“Man, this is really hard.”

Steve told me recently, “Aimee you have your own basket of apples and people will never see or fully understand or relate to what’s in your basket because they only see what’s in theirs.” He’s right. We all have unique baskets with different fruit. I’m trying to manage my crop the best I can without comparing and without complaining.



For a few days now I’ve been pondering words I could share that would even begin to describe my friend– the special place he holds in the hearts of my family–the gifts that we’ve been fortunate to receive because of his willingness to serve. He is our worship leader at Livingstone Church and my dear friend.

To know Joshua is like crashing head on into a wave of truth tempered with compassion, generosity seasoned with sincerity, joy layered in goofiness (the kind that makes you laugh from your belly), and song that makes you want to give everything to Jesus.

Today, he is moving back to Lakeland and my heart needs a band-aid. We will miss him so much.  I, for one, appreciate his love for the Kingdom and willingness to give his whole heart.  I honor the spiritual gifts and reservoir of anointing that rests on the inside of him. See, it is those treasures, when shared, usher in the presence of the Lord and allow people to access heaven on earth. Leading worship is like being the hostess to a wonderful party…inviting people to table of the lamb…to feast of his Goodness, to dance in the graciousness of our God.  Josh truly did this for all of us every Sunday. I will always remember the way he looked a girl who had little confidence, an average voice and offered her an invitation to sing. She had no experience or formal training…just a love affair with Jesus. With that, he gave her a microphone.  He saw a gift. He fanned a flame.  He didn’t allow her to cower or sit on the back pew waiting for someone else to do her part.  He said, “We can do this.”  He held her hand, watching her take baby steps. And again, we see the heart of a servant leader. Josh doesn’t see people where they are. He has vision of where they are headed and encourages them in the journey.

Today, my prayer is that He will have a full supply of the spirit. What God has planted and rooted in him in this season will carry him into the next and that he will increase in every area of his life.  For I believe he is one the Proverbs describes, 

“the humble in spirit will receive honor.”

We love you Joshua.



One of the best parts of starting over is finding a new hair stylist.  And as salons go, I scored. Nestled in trendy Wash park neighborhood is BANG salon. Critically acclaimed and with cutting edge technique in color and cut, I felt like I was indulging in a celebrity experience. Over the course of 3 hours, I had 3 stylists coloring, cutting and shampooing my frock. Talk about Star treatment!!! A lot of fun and a new mainstay for me!



Over the years, I’ve been confronted by a variety of good ideas. You know, the “perfect world” scenarios we create, hoping that things will go our way, and ultimately we get exactly what we want.  Maybe it’s a the perfect job or a place to live that entices, and you pray so hard that God would give you “the desire of your heart.”  You begin to map out all of the things that need to fall into place to get you to your goal.  You make plans and ask God to bless them, and maybe even plead with Him to make something happen for you. I’ve done it time and time again. But what if your goal, wasn’t on God’s blueprint for you at all?

The move out west really solidified some things for me on this topic. Change wasn’t on my radar at all. I was content. Very comfortable. Very happy. Very established. Honestly, nothing about a cross-country move was in my plans or even remotely my idea.

Truth? When the Lord, instructed us to go,  I’d never even been to Colorado.

Our friends made the announcement at church on a Sunday night in late April (i think), and as Pastor Shawn spoke, I felt an influx of water pressure behind my eyes.  It was a touching story, the way he was inspired to launch out into the deep. I thought my emotion only to be a natural response to a beautiful story. After the service, we all high-fived in the parking lot and congratulated Him and the family on such an exciting new adventure.  We went on our way, with little thought about how that announcement would impact us over the next 6 months.

That evening, at 2:25am, I was awakened with an expectation in my heart. I recognized the invitation to pray.  In the Florida house, I had a bonus room with a small window office which I often retreated for prayer in the wee hours. As I began to inquire of the Lord to understand his heart, He began to show me that we did in fact have a part in the Western Adventure.  He enlightened this passage to me,

 Acts Chapter 6

In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenistic Jews among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables.  Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them  and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.”

 This proposal pleased the whole group. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit; also Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch, a convert to Judaism. They presented these men to the apostles, who prayedand laid their hands on them.

So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.

I began to see how Stephen was called and set apart to help. Overcome with the weight of such a huge instruction and change, needless to say, I was up praying the entire night.  Determined not to tell Steve that I knew the Lord was sending us to Denver, I asked him the next morning if he felt any “connection” to Denver project. He didn’t know.  I suggested He ask the Lord about it because I believed we “had a part.”  I shared with him the passage the Lord showed me. That seemed safe enough. After all, Steve would NEVER leave Lakeland, and I’d done due diligence to put the ball in his court. Funny, right?

I left the following Monday for a business trip in Philadelphia, keeping my thoughts to myself. There are, after all, lots of ways you can help a new ministry…you can sow seed, you can visit.  Unbeknownst to me, while I was away, my mother-in-law to had been keeping late nights and working through something significant in prayer.  That Saturday, Linda said to Steve “You’re not moving to Colorado are you?”  Beginning to understand that God was doing something here, I shared with Linda my experience in prayer the week prior. My experience was confirmed when she explained that she’d been on a prayer all week and that toward the end of the week God spoke to her “Steve and Aimee are leaving.”

Having that word, I suppose she thought she’d float the question to Steve, wondering if it was even our radar yet.  Amazing how that works.  It was that week we knew that God was really orchestrating something, but we wanted to make sure we followed his every instruction specifically and accurately.  We began to pray about timing, sale of a house, jobs, children’s’ schooling and our part in the church.

See, we didn’t just wake up one day and say…”That sounds fun, let’s go to Colorado.” Rather, God awakened us and revealed where to go. So many times, we get great ideas and ask God to bless them. We pray things work out.  But the truth is, it is imperative that we get the heart of the Lord and walk in the opportunities and instruction that he has laid before us.

Good ideas are not enough to sustain us in a race. The strength of our grand plans or adventures won’t be enough to gird us up on the days where heartache, hardship, or disillusion bear against us.  But if it’s God’s idea, you can look back to miracles he wrought to put you in position. You can look to the Word he released to you. You can rest in the assurance that what He’s begun in you and through you He’ll complete….if you KNOW that you KNOW it was His idea…his commissioning.

And so it is with me…

on days when I miss my family so much it aches,

when i worry about my kids settling in and making new friends,

when I think somebody far more talented should be singing,

when I don’t know how I’m going to maintain all my responsibilities,

when i don’t have a friend next door,

when I’m weary and mom lives across the country,

when I look around and everyone is a stranger,

when I haven’t had a date with my husband since October,

when Owen asks for his cousins,

when I hug an Iphone on FaceTime instead of a neck,

when I’m starting over…

In all these things, I’m sustained by the confidence in God’s word. I’m comforted, that for once, this wasn’t one of our  great ideas. It was a true God idea, with great signs confirming even down to name of the buyer of our Florida home. His name was “Steven Goforth.”  We know we are here because He asked us. It’s a joy to serve Him. Pioneering is not a cake walk. It’s certainly no Pollyanna story. But it is rewarding. It is necessary. The church is growing. People are encountering Jesus. The power of corporate worship is increasing. Everyday I ask for more grace, a lot more courage, and the strength to love people like He does.

On my way home from work, I tip-toed into Target partly on a craving for M&Ms and party because I’m always scouring the seasonal home accessories. I’ve been on a decorating project (first one in about 7 years). Interior Decorating is a lot like plastic surgery. Seriously,  you see one enhancement opportunity and the instant you engage it, another problem area mysteriously pops up. And so it has been for me with various areas of my house. Dangerous, I tell you. Dangerous. For the most part, I’ve been moving things around within the house until I get the proper placement.  Through the most recent aesthetic poking and prodding of my furniture a cute reading nook was born.  Initially, I chose an awkward corner in my living room to place a chair holding significant emotional real estate. By natural measure, the seat could have been sold in a yard sale years ago, and really never fit in our Lakeland home either. But, it was my first piece acquired and reupholstered as a newlywed. Nevertheless, will probably travel on with me for some time. Not much to look at, it never seems to fit in. Rather, it always stands out. Perhaps that’s why I love it so much.

Beauty rests in unintentional arrangements.  Joy can be found in the most unusual and inelegant places. Repurposing is far more powerful than replacing.  

I suppose, I ‘m not just talking about furniture anymore. I have no idea why life, as I see it, is often an object lesson.  But, I am encouraged today through the silent story of a old sitting chair.  Target did help me with the slouchy sweater and scarf  instead of house wares. Less than $20 and I feel like a million!

Aimee2013_4918 Aimee2013_4921

Ranked up at the top of life’s unpleasantries somewhere between stabbing your own eye out with a fork and birthing a child without an epidural, is visiting the DMV.  Every time I go it occurs to me that I must have missed the sign stating a “3 day no shower minimum before being served.”  As my friend recently pointed out, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your tetanus shot is up to date before entering the building.  Nothing worse that contracting a communicable disease when all you’re trying to do is get your license renewed.

Today I made the trip to the Colorado DMV to have a license transfer. To my surprise, it was very clean and extremely efficient. I was in and out in less than an hour and without an appointment. However,  a moment of embarrassment sought me out when the clerk asked me to verify my height and weight,

“Well, it’s the same  as it’s always been. See there on the card”, I responded.

“Yes, miss I see that you are about 5’5, but how much do you weigh? It’s not represented on the Florida license.”  I looked around, the gentlemen to my right and left  staring.  Was it really necessary that we make this declaration for everyone to hear?  I mean, I already agreed to donate my organs and disclosed that I’m a republican in the same breath. It’s a blue state for goodness sake.  I leaned over the counter beckoning the clerk to give an ear and whispered the number. I also offered a disclaimer around the frequent fluctuation and how I can’t be responsible to maintain the record.  He nodded. I breathed a sigh as they snapped my mug shot and then scurried away to hide in the corner.

While waiting, a man approached me,

“Hey, I heard the guy ask you about your weight!  What an awkward thing to have to answer in a room full of strangers. So you’re new to the area? “

“Yea. I am and actually, in Florida they didn’t ask for weight. “

He went on to welcome me to the state, sharing that he moved from Florida himself about 5 years ago.  He was curious about what brought us here, so I told him about the church. “How cool is that!”, he said.  At the point I was going to share more, I was summoned to finish the license process.  As I walked out the man said. “Hey…have fun on your venture. It’s going to work out for you.”

It was so interesting…the choice of words.  Not “I hope it works out”. Not  a simple “Good Luck.” I could sense the confidence in his remarks and I couldn’t help but wonder….Did I just entertain an angel unaware?

I smiled.  Reassurance and encouragement are all around us, even when we least expect it. As for the DMV… I rocked it.





Is there no end to my awesomeness?  How’s that for a catch phrase! All jokes aside, I felt today, at many times, an urge to indulge a self proclamation of my bad-to-the bone-ness. The first was when my children and  I ran for cover scarcely escaping an air raid from at least 3oo Canadian geese.  If you don’t know, let me just say that during this time of year in Colorado any park or field is blanketed in pellets of….well, you know. So when you see them coming in their v-formation, you know to retreat quickly to the nearest shelter, play fort, whatever. So that’s what we did and were heroically spared. Medal of Awesomeness received.

A little later while picking up the house, I noticed, for the 272nd time since we’ve been here, my bed skirt laying on the floor…STILL. Despite my efforts to subtly suggest to Steve that we might at some point need to put it on the bed, I found myself tripping over it. In another moment of super power, I wrestled the new 300 pound Tempurpedic mattress all by myself and put that bad boy back where it belonged. Pay no mind to the torn bicep or the fact that I had to dig my way out of being all but buried alive between the foam and box. The point is, I conquered.  Sometimes if you want things done (ah hem, MOST times), you have to tackle them yourself. In this case, the tackling was far more literal than expected.

Finally, in a faint moment of desperation, I resorted to a huge furniture super center, which also houses a Subway, to feed and entertain my children.  They get a cookie and the chance to treat the bunk bed section as an obstacle course and I allow myself to look at all different types of decor and arrangements. For those of you who don’t know, I have a little knack for interior decorating.  I actually don’t know how I got it because we didn’t have furniture growing up. Seriously, we didn’t.  My Dad would buy, let’s say, a new couch (which took an average of 3 years to decide upon and execute purchase), and then he’d be over it and purchase nothing else. We never had like a fully furnished room, that I can remember. Right, mom?

That being said, a Futon is going in the basement at some point because the crazy kids who accompanied me on the shopping trip demonstrated that an area for solitary confinement will be necessary on this grand journey. Thank you Jesus for our basement.

And now, I’m retiring to bed. I’m exhausted and looking forward to more work training, fulfilling my volunteer requirement at the preschool. Wait…volunteer “requirement”. Isn’t that like an oxymoron?  That’s another post, I guess. This is life and we are living it….goose poop and all.


Olivia and I have something in common….well several things, actually, but I’ll focus on one: We love mail.  One perk of this move is that I continue to receive Christmas cards. Today, 4 that were forwarded to me finally arrived. It’s amazing how seemingly small things have become so magnified in my recent yearning to connect with people and pieces of home.  A card…a note…a text. Each one seems to come at just the perfect time. I continue to be perplexed by the way in which I miss friends and family so much, yet feel so settled and peaceful here. We are finding our new normal. Yet, change seems to greet me at every cross-road. For I’ve found myself doing unusual things (at least for me) like making fresh healthy meals, suiting my kids up in cowboy gear , and slowing my pace. Tomorrow we’re going to a stock show with cows and bulls and horses and stuff like that. Yee Haw.  Is this crazy or what? And, I kind of like it.  I like mountains in my daily commute, and the whisper of the wild.  I love hearing my boots crush snow and  the glittery reflection of the morning sun upon it.  I love my family and that we are doing this together. And most of all, I adore the opportunity of tomorrow….the life that God is breathing upon us and on those we encounter in this season. He knows how to read our mail.






Aimee2013_4889 Aimee2013_4892ed

And I did mention that we had a few things in common, right???



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