“You want me to do what???”

“Life has a funny way of working itself out sometimes,” I said to a couple of my closest friends today. You see, I believe we all have a dream lodged somewhere deep within, and destiny knows how to pull it out of us, even if we’re kicking and screaming. I believe each person is born equipped  with three important resources: talent, time, and opportunity. The union of the three, in the right season, are very profound in their ability to accomplish something meaningful.  But, let’s talk about the season when the talent lay dormant; the opportunity unfounded and the time never right. What about the quiet moments when you’ve asked yourself  “Do I even have a ‘gifting’?” Have you been there?  Well, I have…the last 3 years, actually. So much so, that when a local non-profit approached me about helping to orchestrate a fashion show fundraiser, last summer I declined.  Moreover, I gave suggestions on those I deemed far more suitable for such a project. After all, there is no lack when it comes to fashion-lovin’ girls in my community.  In January, I received a second call to revisit the discussion.  This time, it felt a little different. The season had changed, and I had too.

Sometimes, the things you think you can’t do are exactly the ones you should be yielding your heart toward.

I thought to myself, “I love pretty clothes. I love people. I love giving. I was invited. ”  Those are the only qualifications I need.  So, despite a nugget of reservation, I braved my first fashion show! Don’t mind if I share some pictures, do you?  These were taken during the preparation process, right before I learned we’d have nearly 100 guests for our “little”  fashion show luncheon! Eeek! You’ll have to wait until next post for me to share how it turned out. Hint: I’m heart full and smiling big.  

Etcetera Clothing.

Friday evening was spent fitting models, selecting looks and who would wear them, creating the runway lineup and pulling shoes and accessories GALORE!

This is my dress for the show.  Charlie Jade, at Hattie’s Branches. Check out their wonderful shop!


2 thoughts on ““You want me to do what???”

  1. Hi Aimee!
    I’m sooo glad you’re back. I’ve missed you! I have my list of blogs I read, and I always found such depth in yours (shopfast) and loved traveling the ups and downs with you. I had even googled you to see if I could find out where you went 🙂 You are re-added to my favorites!


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