A Word On Spring Layering.

Attention: If searching for fashion tips on spring time layering ideas, you are in the wrong place.

Friends, it was 93 degrees in central Florida today.  One thing you will not hear me talk about here is how to cozy your spring floral scarf with a pair of white jeans and a brightly colored tank top (well, guess I just did. Sort of.) That being said, I rarely layer clothing this time of year.  It’s H-O-T.  The sweltering heat combined with a hunch that I may be pre-menopausal and verifiably averse to sweat,makes it imperative to point out that less is more for me, momentarily.  So, the only thing I will be piling on is extra sunscreen  and one of those fans that mists you with water, worn in lieu of a cross body bag.  Oh, and the bracelets. I’ll layer the bracelets.

Top: LOFT, Skirt: Halogen at Nordstrom, Shoes (old) Kohls, Jewelry: Stella & Dot, Shades: Tom Ford


2 thoughts on “A Word On Spring Layering.

  1. Thank you so much for the fun nomination! I need to figure out 15 blogs to share. lol i’m new to all this sharing stuff too. lol Thanks for thinking of me!

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