Freaking Backwards.

I’m told that red interior paint can be interpreted by some as an aggressive color.  Some decorators say you should shy away from red in areas of the home where you are trying to evoke a sense of relaxation, like your bath or bedroom. I agree. However, red in the dining room sends a  message of “we- bout’-to-get-mean-on-some- grub -up-in-hea” and seems like the perfect hue. So, I had no reservation in choosing it 9 years ago when we built our first home.  And, in the spirit of full-blown hostility, I thought it would also make the PERFECT backdrop for today’s photos, as my sentiment suited it perfectly. Perhaps I’m the only blogger who does everything completely backwards: taking photos at the end of the day when I’m completely spent, sweaty and haggard.  Speaking of “backwards”, I should also share that after awakening at 2:30am, and failed efforts to reunite with sleep, I left for work early. I had a full day and even joined a couple of girlfriends for lunch. Feeling tired, but still on top of my game, I realized a little too late (3:45 to be exact) that I’d been wearing my skirt freaking backward all day.  The skirt and I worked it out.

Skirt: DVF, Top: Elle, Jewelry: Stella & Dot (like how I’m wearing the wrap around bracelet as a choker?), Shoes: LAMB


3 thoughts on “Freaking Backwards.

  1. If it makes you feel any better I was in carline this morning before I realized I was still wearing my pj top with my skirt and heels. Had to go all the way home to retrieve my top! Love your outfit!!

  2. I hear ya, Lady. I have been in the habit of taking outfit photos at the end of the day and part of my lack of motivation has been for this very reason. After a looong — day, I do not want to bother. When I get back into the swing of things, I will work it into my lunch break. 😉 P.S. Loves me a nice red wall or better yet, a sunny red orange.

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