Happy Easter!  As I celebrate the tremendous sacrifice of Jesus the magnificence and majesty of his resurrection, I can scarcely grapple the reality:  that during the journey to the cross, his mind was on you and me. The Redeemer.  It’s mind-blowing, really.  And daily, He miraculously revives through the dwelling of His Spirit within us, so that we may walk in fresh revelation and knowledge of Him. Wow. Speaking of resurrections, I needed some uplifting in order to make it through the day’s festivities.  Luckily, I found rejuvenation in my old faithful…

Starbucks is survival, people. Really. And, without it, I can hardly handle these….

Yep, the Double O’s. Live and fully charged, they hopped right into the Easter festivities including 2 large-scaled family meals with intermittent sugar uploads over the expanse of the days events.

Skirt: Halogen, Blouse: Zara, Jewelry: Stella & Dot/J. Crew, Shoes: Nine West, Shades: Chloe


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