The Future Is Looking Bright!

Absolutely no way to sugar-coat it: I’ve been swimming. In a fishbowl. Literally…a corporate fishbowl.  Front and center of  the u-shaped parade of chairs filled with our company’s top leadership and many of the senior management team, I had a my time in the spotlight.  I won’t bore you with the details, but for the last 72 hours, I’ve presented, coached, negotiated, facilitated, analyzed, and managed a multitude of highly complex scenarios in an effort to demonstrate my leadership skills and tactical thinking processes.

high exposure. high pressure. high stakes. The feedback was priceless; my gratitude immeasurable.  Last night was the graduation dinner, where I, and only the 5 other candidates selected, received praise, a certificate and special gift.

Because of my strong conviction on commemorating life milestones with meaningful gifts, I wasted no time in purchasing the perfect one:

New shades!  The future is looking bright!!


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