The Checklist

Life has become, for me, an unapologetic quest to defeat the checklist. The problem?  For each item I conquer, another one mysteriously surfaces.  What’s up with that? Do we ever really get ahead?

I would love to be able to give more time to content this evening, as typing is therapeutic for me. But tonight I just can’t.  Kids are needy. Hubby’s needy (I know this because he’s in quiet mode. I’ve heard 16 words in 24 hours). The dishes need me, as do the clothes in the washer, the suitcase that needs unpacking and the checklist goes on. I suppose breaks are non-existent for the mommy-wife-with-a-job. Who takes care of her when she is needy? I’ve yet to really discover this. Or maybe I have, in a superficial sense: Nordstrom? Facebook? Something like that?  I polished off another work week with 18 hand-written thank you’s to the people who invested their time into my professional development. Now, I’m wondering if anyone at our home notices my contribution to their personal development? I also completed a product re-certification exam, participated in a conference call, chugged a starbucks…and kept on checkin’ that list. Keep on keepin’ on, I guess.


3 thoughts on “The Checklist

  1. Love the color and accessories! Sigh. The never-ending checklist–it really does seem like whenever I cross one thing off, three more to-do’s appear. But I’ll take the good with the bad. Can’t have it all, eh? Enjoy the weekend, Aimee!

    • You are right, Van! Only during the times when I’m really exhausted do I cave to the temptation to vent. I suppose yesterday was one of those. It’s great to know We’re not alone. It’s 6:57am (EST) on a Saturday and kids are up and at em’ I’m hovering over the coffee pot, praying they’ll go easy on me today! Ha!

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