The Coffee Guest

Thursday afternoon, I met my husband at our local coffee shop for a moment of caffienation. About 5 minutes into the visit, we were approached by a most unusual young man.  He was tall, dark and handsome, clearly frazzled and drenched in sweat. He carried a laptop case and a cell phone that he glanced at periodically as he began to speak. It was clear to me that he had identified us as “nice” people and was prepared to appeal to our soft side. His petition went something like this,

Hi my name is William, and I know you are going to think i’m crazy, but you seem like nice people. The thing is, I need help. I’m trying to get to Daytona to pick up my 19 year old sister.  She is in an abusive relationship and I have to get to her, but I’m a little out of luck. You can only imagine how hard it is to be so young and in such a dangerous situation. I’m her only help, but I’m having a hard time myself and don’t know how I’m even going to get to her. You’d really be paying it forward. It would be a blessing and I would really appreciate it.”

At this point, I’m keenly aware that he is going to ask us for money. So I, looking at Steve, suggest “Do you have any money?” Anyone who knows us will tell you we NEVER carry cash. I often put $1.61 cup of coffee on a debit card and don’t think twice about it. Steve looks at our newfound friend,

“I don’t have any money, but I have a free coffee card you can get anything you want to drink.”

“Are you serious!?  You’re going to give me a free coffee? An iced coffee, right ’cause it’s hot!  For real!? Oh my gosh! That is so nice. That’s why I love the Lord and love being a Christian. I am so excited. It’s hot and I am so thirsty. Oh my gosh. Really? THANK YOU! I knew y’all was nice people. It’s just radiating off y’all I just wish I could go to y’all’s church. Thank you Jesus.”

WHAT? We didn’t tell him we went to church or that we were even Christians, for that matter. We shared nothing spiritual. We simply offered him a drink.  Steve and I went back to our conversation, chuckling over what we just experienced.  A mere 3 minutes had passed when William resurfaced,

“Okay, y’all gonna think I’m crazy I know, but, that girl was making my drink and she started talking about Creme Brule cake and I thought, Oh Lord that would really be good. I would love a piece of that cake. So, if you could get me a piece of that cake, it’d be a real blessing!”  He continued to hover over us as we stared at each other and back at him, a bit astonished, but equally entertained. I said, “William, didn’t I just tell you we ain’t got no money?! Didn’t we just give you a free coffee card in lieu of cash? And, if you get that big piece of cake, you gonna share it with your sister or you gonna eat the whole thing???”  He began to laugh hysterically,clearly surprised that I’d engaged him in such a comedic way.” And just like that, Steve summoned the server to get William the cake and put it on his tab. But, our coffee date didn’t stop there, William jumped up and down, waving his hands, exclaiming,

“Oh my Lord! Thank ya Jesus. I just love y’all. He grabbed his cake, ran over to us“Give me a hug girl. Steve, gimme some elbow!” (Gimme some elbow? what?) He went on, “I just love the Lord! I love being a Christian and I love America!!!”, and scurried out the door.

” I love America?”  I laughed for 2 hours over that encounter and thought to myself, “God, help me to be like him…overwhelmed by goodness and seeing  you in everything, even in something as simple as coffee and cake.

Pants: Loft (recent), Blouse: J.Crew (old), Scarf: (thrifted), Shoes: Guess (old) Earrings: Stella & Dot: Current, Bracelet: Mayzie’s, Clutch: Hobo Itnl.


One thought on “The Coffee Guest

  1. Girl, you look so cute–orange is my fave color. But furget about the outfit. What the heck?! A head scratcher for sure. Thanks, I needed this. It’s been a rough week.

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