Wearing Wallpaper.

Perhaps you’ve wondered what it would be like to be clothed in wallpaper.  I, willing to oblige any reasonable request, decided to grant your wish:

Yep. That’s me in the middle, wearing the wallpaper.  These are my friends who attended the Polk Museum of Art’s Spring Fashion Runway Show.

This is the look I was going for:

Not bad, eh?  Truth is, I liked the dress when I bought it, but loathed it after one night’s wear.  Can’t win em’ all.

But let me show you a couple of the looks:

When I saw her (above) wearing wallpaper, I was encouraged. Although, her execution was much more appealing. Go girl.

Neiman Marcus did a fantastic job showcasing their styles.  To top it off, I was able to peek backstage at all of the merchandise. This bag had to be pried from my hands:

I’m currently accepting gifts if anyone feels so inclined. 😉


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