My Personal Dewey Decimal.

Mint. Honey Dew (not to be mistaken with “honey do”, which shall be an entirely different post in the future), and other shades of green were on my mind Monday, as I ventured to Jury Duty in my brand new mint crop pants.  I didn’t post that day because I was a bit traumatized, to be perfectly honest.  It wasn’t due to the fact that I was cattle herded to the court-house to serve my civic duty, but rather that I nestled quite snuggly in line with a stout woman making, perhaps, the oddest fashion statement I’d seen since 1999. Back in college, it was quite commonplace to see folks on a pizza run or at Kinkos  wearing pajama pants.  However, the expiration date on this sort of behavior occurs sometime around age 23. My fellow-juror, clothed in ‘well-loved‘ tweety bird flannels, a shrunken grey tank top and puffy pink bedroom slippers, clearly chose a far more irreverent response to “showing up” for service. I, in both shock and horror, had a difficult time hearing my panel assignment because I was distracted by thoughts on what goes through one’s mind when deciding to wear cartoon pajamas to the court-house. Rather than to decide the fate of one’s future, she should have been taken into fashion custody immediately and interrogated on her bizarre presentation.

Shortly thereafter, it was clear that I’d  fallen prey to another oddity:  I had created a type of Dewey decimal system for clothes categorization in my head.  This, seemingly, another benefit of hours waiting in jury duty, enabled me to study and place a variety of different looks internally.  I noticed that juror 456754 was wearing a Bandolino trumpet skirt, with an accordion trim lining the hem, that seemed remarkably familiar. This skirt was one sold by Steinmart in the fall of 2004, and one that I owned.  It was as if the lady checked it out of my memory and all the biographical statistics on its origin, style, brand, retailer were instantly parading around the room, ” Fashion 391.54.  Bandolino. Skirt. Trumpet Steinmart 2004. Due in Two weeks.”

The Dewey Decimal System of my mind. Funny… I couldn’t locate the tweety pants? I suppose some things are without category. I was released early from duty and went for a coffee.

Blouse: Elle for Kohl’s (current), Pants: The Loft (current), Scarf: Target (old), Shoes: Charles David (old), Sunglasses: Chole (old)


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