A Fancy Flea

I learned today that a flea can, in fact, be fancy. Who knew? Yes, our little community hosted a street market of sorts today, suitably dubbed “The Fancy Flea.” Streets lined with 195 booths packed with vintage furniture, collectibles, jewelry, and and textile, impressed thousands of charm-seekers.  Shabby chic it was, and although it is not my preferred decor, there is just something about a beautiful sunny day, eclectic treasures and urban delight that makes me smile, yet  reignites a yearning for New York City, if I’m honest. In that regard, it was a bittersweet kind of day for me, I guess you could say. No trips forthcoming.  I do appreciate the creativity of others. Re-purposing in all forms speaks to me even in seemingly insignificant things like jewelry, ceramics and furniture.  The idea that someone can see beauty in something worn or misfit,  tired or worthless , and breathe life into it is soulfully inspiring. Vintage is, in a way, a reflection of the perspective I hope to always maintain:

Every person and everything has a purpose, and meaning.  Though the form, shape or interpretation, may change, the significance remains.

It was a hot one. Very hot. You can see here, Olivia is not too happy.

Dress: Target, Belt: Nilla Sheilds, Shoes: Nine West, Shades: Tory Burch

I did come home with a treasure. 4 of these Chair back covers. I think they will be great for the kitchen nook.


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