I Gotta Jet!

Literally.  I have to fly out of here…really two minutes ago.  I’m currently hiding from my 2 little ones to type this post.  I probably only have about 2.45 minutes to finish this before they begin terrorizing. As soon as they realize i’m not paying attention it’s like somebody sounds the war bugle and they are on the hunt!  Today, we have 1 clogged toilet, water melon sticking to the wood floor (Owen decided to have a bowl of it, only the melon was the bowl and he was digging in it with a knife), Livie walking all 176 animals in the jogging stroller and me trying to pack to catch a plane.  At 2 pm this afternoon, I will be giving a presentation in Tampa and a re-run of it tomorrow, then flying to Philadelphia for another meeting.  So, I’m running. Current blood pressure 130/90. Thanks, Kids. If you’re the praying type, please pray for Steve and our Insurance agent. They will need it. These kids are wild.



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