Waiting To Take Off…

Prior to leaving for a turbo injected series of business travel events this week, I had a Monday evening date with my husband.  I was describing this sense of expectation I was experiencing in regard to the two of us fulfilling our destiny.  It was a conversation a bit unusual for us because, I couldn’t fully define a tangible reason or event to validate it, nor do I normally think in terms of a holistic calling.  Rather, I focus on the daily checklist and prioritize life solely based on matters of urgent importance and deadlines. I don’t usually allow myself the luxury of dreaming in big illustrious pictures.  But, something happened inside my heart when I had a glimpse of what life could become; an internal snapshot, if you will, of our purpose. I was reminded of 3 specific revelatory words that were spoken to me by 3 different people in 3 very different periods of my life. Only this time, they all seemed to fit. I could sense how they were connected. I could see the alignment and it sparked expectation. The only analogy I could use to describe my feeling was one I shared with Steve that night,

” I feel like we are sitting in the airplane, on the tarmac just waiting to take off…”

Why is she talking about this silliness, you may ask?  It is for this reason, “In the journey of your life, don’t ignore the signposts.” Our hearts have a very unique ability to discern, to connect with truths working in us and ones that are spoken over us.  When the connection is made, it births purpose, direction and expectation.  It inspires hope.  The signposts represent clues to the journey and affirmation that you are on the right path. They can be a simple word, a meeting, sung in a song, expressed in an unexpected thought.  Nevertheless, when you encounter one, pay attention.  You never know when, in the course of a seemingly normal day, you’ll get another piece of the puzzle to propel you into your destiny. Be watchful. Be looking. Be expectant.

This week, I found myself in 2 different cities, attending meetings with a variety of people…some familiar, some new.  Where normally I’d be keenly in tune to my professional opportunities or thinking around career, I noticed that this week’s travels engaged a far more expansive insight. I began to think beyond current state or even in the short-term, or about myself.  I was suddenly inspired by the hope that my life, thus far, has been a preparation for a grand collaboration. All this time, I feared my inability to declare a grand vision…that my husband needed to create a significant plan for us.  Only now, am I learning that some people are the visionaries- the innovators, but they need carriers.  Only now am I  beginning to see we may very well be called to get alongside and help people carry out their vision.  I can sense the delight in service. .

Not long after this epiphany, did I actually find myself on a plane, returning from Philadelphia. The flight scheduled to leave at 6:05. At 7:00pm, I found myself literally sitting in the airplane on the tarmac, just waiting to take off.  Signposts. They are everywhere.

This is about all of Philly I saw. No time for leisure.  My only leisure was this copy of the New York Times and a cup of coffee.


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