She Put A Tee With That!

The other day, my friend Keira, over at  A Pretty Penny, told a funny little story about some shorts she spied on my blog. What she didn’t tell ya is that I was recently inspired by HER! A few months ago we purchased a skirt in common. I, too, scored it with Kohl’s cash. When she featured it on her blog, I thought, “Wow, She put a tee with that!”. I’d utilized the skirt only for dressier looks. To me, it was a terrific idea and decided to try it immediately.

As a gifted florist, boutique owner, and style blogger, Miss Pretty Penny is a pretty busy lady. If you’ve not stopped in to read of her adventures, you  really should. Her heartwarming humor and southern charm will make you feel like you just found your new best friend. I adore her thrifty style sense, and willingness to share her finds with us!  So, my dear, I gotcha back. 🙂 Here is my interpretation of your excellent style suggestion.  Thank you for helping me find another way to wear this free-flowing frock! Check out her look here The pretty [pleated] skirt effect

Skirt: Lauren Conrad, Kohl’s; Tee, Loft; Shoes: Tory Burch; Belt: Target; Bag: Kenneth Cole; Sunglasses: Chloe


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