Angry Birds

I feel like I should be sitting in a circle of chairs amongst friends and fellow and sufferers, saying:

Hi, My name is Aimee.  I’m an Angrybirdaholic.

During a variety of delays on my recent trip to Philadelphia, I finished the two books I’d brought along. I found myself stranded with nothing to do, and remembered that Owen had downloaded Angry Birds.  2 rounds and I was hooked. Now would be a great time to discuss the implications of the angry bird trance:

1. Fighting with your kids instead of mediating their arguments “NO!  STOP! IT’S MOMMY’S TURN!!!!”

2. Thinking about your bird-bombing strategy before cleaning the bomb that went off in the playroom.

3.  Grocery shortage

4. Facebook post deficit

5. No new blog photos

6.   Laundry pile-up

Perhaps the birds can help me make a dent in eliminating items from this list?


4 thoughts on “Angry Birds

  1. I’ve not yet played Angry Birds, but have been guilty of hogging the Fruit Ninja. It’s quite silly really considering the premise of the game–to slash as many fruit as possible with one fell swoop of the finger. Addicting.

      • Had a great Mother’s day. Got to sleep in, Hubby and kiddo (minus the kiddo) made brunch, took a long walk in the sunshine and finished the day with an impromptu BBQ at friend’s house, sipping on summery cocktails. Loved it. Haven’t had a day like this in a while. I’ll cherish it. 🙂

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