That Crazy Chick.

I’m in a dancing mood today.  You may think I’m feeling a salsa because of this delicious bat-girl boho silk blouse. That’s partially true. Yes, it does have wings, and yes, I absolutely did wear it to work today. We need have a national day of celebration honoring this blouse for  three significant reasons:

1. It’s undeniably fabulous

2. It was purchased with a gift card

3. 100% silk Leifsdottier…..


scored for $19.99 (@ 93% off! You do the math)

Nordstrom Rack, I love you. Truly.  That’s all I have to say about that.


Incidentally, I’m beginning to see bird trend in my last few posts.  From hummingbirds to angry birds and now I’m wearing wings. Hmmm.   Maybe I’m about to fly on out of here.

Recently, a friend of mine says “I just want to know who takes all of the pictures for that blog?”  When I’m really lucky it’s my husband, but in most cases, it’s moi.  And, I’m not all that great at it.  Because I’m all about full disclosure, I thought you might enjoy the ridiculousness of this series of photos. These wouldn’t normally make the cut.




So, it’s not easy….and actually may be mildly disturbing. That’s one crazy chick. I’m off to meet the girlfriends for dinner! Go me!


4 thoughts on “That Crazy Chick.

  1. And this is why I like you.

    B-eautiful blouse! You look gorgeous. What a lovely thing to wear to work. It’s delightful with the bright pencil skirt.

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