10 -Second Tirade

How can I sum up today?  In a word: lousy.  Forgive the negative expression, but a series of unfortunate circumstances tried to derail the Optimistic Express, I’ve been riding for several weeks now.  It started with a naughty behavior report from Olivia’s teacher…an assertion that was clearly validated at home when she decided to spray leave-in conditioner all over her bedroom carpet. The carpet, which I just paid a couple hundie to have cleaned last week.  Naughty, indeed.  Next, I went to a doctor’s appointment where I was rightly informed that I’d gained 14 lbs since my visit last year.  To this, my eyes began to fill with tears and quickly transformed to fire with the physician’s next question,

“What have you been doing?! When you walked in, I could see it in your face.”

Um…excuse me? Is he referring to the obvious pound increase?  Really? Did he just say that aloud?

“Well, apparently not enough”, I responded.

“Stay away from carbs. NO Carbs!”

At this point, I’m in a full-on flashback of the infamous “No Soup Fo You” scene from Jerry Seinfeld.

“I love Carbs. I crave carbs.”

He just stared at me, then made a remark about how he’d never be overweight if he were a girl.  I mentally checked out at that point.

He continued, as I  I aimed to receive his wise counsel on all of the things I should be eating. Of course, I omitted any disclosure of my current love affair with all species of M&Ms.

During the post-appointment wrap up at the front desk , I learned the appointment cost double what I’d anticipated.  I crossed my fingers and swallowed hard as they ran my card.  “Approved!”, the receptionist chirped. Yea approved with a $10 dollar overdraft protection charge. ugh. Pay day is not until Friday and right now I could punch Dave Ramsey in the nose. Came home, made an emergency transfer from my savings and then cried some more. As it turns out, my bank account is anorexic.

Oh…here’s yesterday’s outfit. At least it’s something sorta sunny.


5 thoughts on “10 -Second Tirade

  1. Just be glad he is your doctor and not a family member. You can always get a new doctor. Also, be glad he isn’t someone you have to sit at a dinner table with or go to a holiday party and stare across the table. My sympathies to his family who have to listen to his rude comments on a daily basis. I admire your restraint.

    • You know, the funny thing is he was saying it all with a smile and it was actually palatable. It shouldn’t have been, but I found myself agreeing with him. So, I ate my boiled egg whites for breakfast and NO carbs.

  2. It is so hard to listen to that kind of talk. I try to do a low carb diet, but lately have been losing the fight, terribly.

    I have been following Dave Ramsey’s “Steps” for almost two years now, it was very tough the first six months, I swear I had withdrawals from credit cards. After adjusting to not being allowed to use credit cards it does become easier, especially once you get the budget figured out and on the right path. The rewards are so great once you start seeing those bills paid off and extra cash in your hand/budget!

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