Good News? My Life Is Like The Movies!

Before you read any further, you must watch the clip featured below.  Seriously, watch it!

The Lice Scene

It’s true. I was riding in the field with my boss today, who incidentally was just promoted to Senior Management, when I received this message from my mother:

“Not to stress you out, but Olivia has lice. Call me.”

Not to stress you out?  Really, now. Could you please repeat that?  Wild panic gripped me instantly and was notably discerned by my superior. As it turns out, she was extremely supportive of my leaving immediately. I suspect secretly she feared a contagion. Nevertheless, I bolted to Walgreens to RID myself and my family of this untimely pestilience. Luckily, upon inspection (thanks, mom) everyone else is nit free. We  discovered it early, but that did not prevent me from  washing clothes, sheets, towels. I imagine this activity will carry on late into the evening. Wow. Lice. Seriously?

Good news?  My life is like the movies!


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