My Secret Hiding Place

Sometimes, you find yourself in need of a “time out”. Whether the frustrations of the day are piling up or you just need a mental break, it’s nice to carve out a few moments focusing on something you enjoy. For me, the quiet respite is found when I can hide away for a  few moments in a sweet little paper boutique. Stationery Loft owner,  Heidi Campbell and I became fast friends about 3 years ago when we realized a unique, and in these days rare, affection for fine paper.  Beyond her incredible selection of personalized notes and gifts, her sweet service always ministers to my heart. She always has the perfect idea at the right time and she understands the preferences of customers.  Over the years our visits have surpassed the task of careful gift selection, but  rather have served me in ways I didn’t really anticipate: Heidi has become my friend.  And for me, that’s the best part. I can stop by with my Starbucks to hang out while admiring beautiful things! What could be more relaxing than that? The boutique was recently heralded by Stationery Trends Magazine,  as first runner- up for  “Trendy Stationer of the Year” award.

During last week’s visit, I stumbled up this cool little battery pack gadget for your iPhone.  You just charge it up, and carry it in your purse.  When the phone needs juice, just plug-in the fashionable battery pack to the phone! Voila! You’ve up to 3 hours of power.  Really???? Apparently, the shop can’t keep them on the shelf.  I also noticed a neat little motivational book entitled “Where will you be in 5 years?” In lieu of a card with cast for the graduation, perhaps I could tuck the moo-lah into this book of good advice?Lord knows these kids need some!  Go visit the shop at 4748 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland. By the way, the boutique always shares really clever gift presentation ideas on its Facebook page too. It’s definitely worth a like!


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