To See Over Mountains….

I’ve been away for a bit, which has kept me from blogging.  Steve and I had a bit of personal business which swept us away to the great Colorado Rockies!  We landed Sunday evening for my inaugural visit to the Mile High City. Denver is an extraordinary  because of the unique way in which it boasts both its sophisticated urban center and relaxed natural landscape.  One minute you are strolling city blocks listening to the sound of car horns and street entertainers, and the next you can be driving into the glorious foothills, gazing at cows and lush fields. It’s a remarkable place, and the first time I’ve discovered a robust metropolis equipped with such aesthetic diversity. Whether you are visiting the sprawling suburban neighborhoods of Parker and Centennial or walking through a downtown park, one thing remains fixed in the lens: the mountains.  The stately peaks are visible from every place in the city. Tuesday, we decided to drive up into them a little. My perspective changed tremendously with the ascent. Suddenly, I could see everything much more clearly and through a wider lens.  It was gloriously beautiful to peer down from The Red Rocks amphitheater over downtown. Funny to think that only an hour prior we’d seen the city in such a micro-view. In that moment, while drinking in the expanse before me, I was reminded of my own journey filled with its fair share of peaks and valleys. It’s important to see over them…to behold the whole picture…the grand scheme. With every steep step up, I get a little braver…a little closer to the ultimate destination. And if I will persevere, the view will be splendid!

Jeans: Current Elliott, Blouse: Hattie’s Branches, Shoes: Sam Edelman,  Sunglasses: Tory Burch, Watch: Michael Kors


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