The Free Tory

Of all things I could possibly score for free, the least imaginable would be Tory Burch Footwear.  About a month ago, I noticed a peculiar flowery piece of mail sticking out of my husband’s back pocket as he was watering the lawn.

What’s that?”, I said.

“Oh, it’s nothing… just junk mail.”

Junk mail, eh? Hmm. I looked closer and noticed a faint, but very familiar emblem. Gasp! It was something from Tory Burch.  I quickly swiped it from his pocket, as he contested tenaciously,

“Give me that! I’m throwing it away!!! It will cost me far more than it’s worth!!!”

Clearly, he’d opened my mail (a part of the dialogue that I’ll not elaborate on here), and found a $50 dollar gift card sent to me from the company in honor of Mother’s Day!

“Wow! I can totally use this. AND, I’ll bet you I can get something for under $50.”

I kidnapped the card, shoved it in my nightstand drawer, mentally noting the May 31st deadline.  As you can imagine, Mother’s Day came and went, along with a couple of business trips, family occasions and other priorities.  Thoughts of Tory were far from my mind until one day when I was looking for stamps in the very drawer I’d hidden my treasure.  It was May 26. I hopped onto the website and begin to skim the sale items.  Surprisingly, there were several enticing treats at great bargains. And, I found the fabulous orangey-red flip-flops. Sparing you the details, let’s just say I got the shoes with tax and shipping all under the amount of the gift card!  That means FREE!  I couldn’t wait for Steve to get home so I could gloat.  Instead, I texted him a picture of the invoice with a friendly reminder to stay AWAY from my mail!

This is the cute little top I wore with my new flops.



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