Wiped Out

The truth is, I’ve lacked the energy to write this blog. Challenged this week by my son’s case of influenza while trying to balance all of my other work and personal responsibilities has been taxing. Sure, the physical inconvenience of illness is difficult, but the timing of this one also delivered with it significant loss. We missed Owen’s preschool graduation. I missed my nephew’s high school graduation.  I can’t help but feel a little robbed. Just being honest.  We don’t get a do-over. We missed an important milestone.  I was surprised at my own reaction to the circumstances: pure heartache. Almost more than I could handle.


I lost some sleep, and cried a few big tears. I plowed on through a hectic schedule at work, despite my weakness. So today,  I don’t have fashion tips, or funny stories, or even a new photograph to post. When inspiration seems lacking, I’m reminded that ultimately we are inspired by hope.  Yes…I have hope and it is enough.  Things are as they should be. I am recovering.

See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Wiped Out

  1. My heart broke when I realized you guys had to miss graduation. I know you were devistated, as I would have been too. I’m sorry. I do however happen to have a copy of the PowerPoint presentation they showed that I will
    Email you. Hope that helps a smidgen!

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