Thought Buckets

I’ve had a series of random thoughts this week. I decided to separate them into buckets ( a new skill I’m learning at work in the area of process improvement)

Work: Heat exhaustion is a real illness and does cause cognitive impairment. Therefore, I motion to the employers that all work related activities from 11-3pm should be replaced with iced beverages and spa treatments.

Health: I’ve self-diagnosed  SWAS (swimwear anxiety disorder). It is June and I’ve yet to purchase a suit.

Food: Bern’s filet, french onion soup and peanut butter truffle dessert enhance symptoms of SWAS

Creative Photography: Self-portraits have been hindered by a broken tripod. Can you say Instagram?

Family: My kids are contenders for the Guinness Book Of World Records category “Most VBS programs attended in a given summer”  (I’m working really hard to make this happen)

Fashion: I love my mint skinny crop pants more than just about anything in my closet right now, and in my opinion they match everything….evening eggplant. Can I swim in these?

Discovery: The hood of a black car in Florida is a great make-shift stove….and I could actually brew the packet of chicken broth I found in my car console. Really?

Contemplations: What should I get myself for Father’s Day?

pants & blouse: Ann Taylor Loft, 

Earrings: Mayzie’s (by Susan Shaw. they’ve become my FAVORITES. Oh, and at a cool $12! Get you some!)

Necklace: Stella & Dot

Sunglasses: Tory Burch


3 thoughts on “Thought Buckets

  1. Aimee you crack me up! Love that you have chicken broth in the car console! You just gave me a great idea of what to pair my mint green crops with and throw worry to the wind a get a swim suit. You can’t come float in my pool in clothes!! Check out Lilly. I was just in Boca yesterday drooling over their new suits. Hated that I already purchased my summer supply. And of course, your father’s day comment made me spit coffee 😉 love you!!!

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