That’s Off The Chain!

I just have to share this question I got today from one of my customers…..

“So, are you trying to send a message that you like being all chained up?”

Uh…that’d be a NO, friend. And, I do believe you may need to tighten yours up a bit dude.

Ha! I know, all in good fun. It’s difficult to anticipate what might proceed out the mouths of people each day. Honestly. I resisted the urge to play into pun by telling him “You’s off da chain, yo!”



Speaking of chains, looked what arrived this week! My new pendant! If you have a soft spot for all things monogrammed, then you really must mosey on down to Mayzie’s and order one! They have a great selection of colors, styles, and sizes. Don’t procrastinate in ordering though, it takes 6 weeks for delivery.


Dress: Britt Ryan, Shoes: Sam Edelman, jewelry: Mayzie’s, Sunglasses: Tory Burch

Ready to relax this weekend (or at least try to a little bit), and celebrate all the wonderful dads in my life.  In honor of their special day, I did purchase a gift….um…for myself. I guess you could say my chains cut a little too loose…


I mean… Dad would want me to have them, right?


5 thoughts on “That’s Off The Chain!

  1. Love the chain dress..reminds me of the books I just read, Fifty Shades of Grey! But also love the new ones! I just got one from Hattie’s this week and love it!

    • Thanks , Jaime! Such a nice selection at Hattie’s right now. Gosh, so many people are reading Shades of Grey now. I’ll probably sit that one out! Can’t follow all the trends, right?

  2. Hi Aimee, You know that I am your biggest fan and I know that you would not be saying you want to be all chained up! So crazy! Who takes your pictures? I do not like this dress on you. It does not flatter your wonderful figure. The dress is too boxy for you.

    • Hi! Im pretty sure the chain comment was only to get a rise out of me. It was funny. Usually, I take my own pictures using a tripod. But, since it’s broken, I asked my husband to snap a few. He’s such a good sport. 🙂

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