Sometimes you just have to draw it out….

First, let me apologize for my disappearing act. The go-to, and most responsible sounding answer would say, “I’ve just been SO very busy.” And, while that is  partially true, it’s not sole reason I’ve avoided the blog this week. Writer’s block, fatigue, a headache that lasted 4 days, and a broken tripod cast their votes as well. Clearly, I was outnumbered. Then, when I finally did allow myself to be photographed, it only confirmed the good decision to stay out of the limelight. Girlfriend needs some personal maintainance! I’m awaiting my next hair appointment (6 days away) like I did my wedding….with countdown in full force.  I also need some Vitamin D. Can you say spray tan (although i read recently that it’s yet another contributor to lung cancer…buzz kill) ?  Thankfully, vacation is approaching, and until then, I’m just clinging for dear life. You understand, right? But do take a look at my lovely niece! We celebrated her 16th birthday last night.  Ah….to have the energy of a 16-year-old.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to draw it out….

  1. You both look beautiful! I love the print on your dress, Aimee. Your sixteen year old niece looks very poised. That shade of green is perfect on her.

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