The Treasure Hunt

As a recovered shopaholic, when I do venture out it is normally with a specific item in mind and a budget. I’m still fully capable of being sucked into the typhoon of impulse spends, but I do try to manage it.  Summer time usually thrusts me into the hunt for a bathing suit (which I hate purchasing), and to fill in some wardrobe gaps before vacation and in preparation for other warm-weather activities.

This year, I’ve noticed a new pattern formulating in my closet. Navy has become my new neutral.  Whether I’m wearing hot pink pants or something as simple as a white dress,  navy blue inevitably finds its way into the ensemble.  So, I opted for a new pair of wedges (guess what color) to contribute to my new-found trend. Other items included a delightful summer tote in linen with a nod to the neon craze and a figure forming bathing suit (or waist-cinching….let’s just keep it real).

The best part?  The store practically gave me the stuff! It was so discounted that it would’ve actually been criminal for me to leave the items on the shelf. What are your summer pick-me-ups?

Tory Burch, Nordstrom

Orange Jubilee, Kate Spade

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