Fisher King

Nostalgia is often defined as a “sentimental yearning  for return to the past”, and though I rarely find myself  in such reflection, one week in particular prompts the journey down memory lane.  We’ve vacationed in Garden City Beach, SC with my family every year since I was born.  I’ve only missed a handful of reunions, and usually due to unavoidable circumstances. Last week we met again for a week of hugs and fun.   It’s amazing to think that my great-grandmother, “Mama Owens”, had 9 children. The remaining first generation and most of their descendants down to a fourth generation were represented throughout the week.  From all over the country we came together to honor our very special heritage.

The highlight of my trip was watching my son Owen fishing.  He is the most exuberant, passionate and heartfelt person when it comes to engaging in any activity that sparks his interest.  He gets more excited about birthdays, cousins, animals, or going places than any 5-year-old (well, at least for the next 19 days) I know.  He thinks big and makes bold declarations, believing that good things are always ahead for him. Over the past several weeks, we heard him make announcements about fishing…how many fish he would catch….how big they would be….how awesome his fishing pole is….how his Papa would fish with him–for 100 days, no less! You get the idea.  No question for him that it would be a profitable  and exciting experience!

So, you can imagine my delight in witnessing the manifestation of this grand experience. My little angler stood content alongside his Papa, pulling in a variety of  Whiting, Pompano, Ladyfish, Pinfish (can’t eat those). Sometimes, he’d tug in 2 at a time, the other fishermen staring in disbelief, because they were still waiting for a catch. We laughed as Uncle Russell threw his hands up, saying “I’m just gonna bait his hook!” We cheered, hollered, and acted the fool over even the smallest catch!  The beach audience stared amazed by his “luck”. Yeah…right.

Suppose I could learn much from Owen(who incidentally prayed for big fish weeks in advance) about the power of asking, believing, and pursuing with JOY! He blessed my heart the whole week. Clearly, I’d been taken to life lesson school by my young boy. And as I observed him, I had but one unspoken prayer…

“Lord, let the fish he catches only be a glimpse of what is to come for Your little guy. Let Him be a fisher of men in your kingdom. Nets full! “


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