Peanut Butter Pink

I’m not quite sure how to describe the transition from sunny beachfront relaxation to being holed up in a corner office studying all things dysfunctional about the male anatomy. It’s a work thing. New product  training and I just happen to be the “assigned expert” on urological therapies for men with a variety of issues.  One of the benefits of being in home study is that I was able to sneak peanut butter toast for lunch. Sadly, my son is allergic to nuts in a grab-the-epipen-and-call-911 sort of way!  We rarely eat it. Risk:Benefit thing. So, I was feeling all stealth-like when I tiptoed toward my hidden stash of PB hidden in a very high location. It was in this moment of secret indulgence that I learned why it is essential to possess a pair of 5 inch wedges. No longer did I need the kitchen chair to catapult me to the top cabinet.  This startling discovery unleashed the creative juices in the area domestic finance. Suddenly, shoes have become a very important leveraging tool in the world of household supplies. Just a bit of pencil-whipping and the stool/ladder funds were reallocated to tall wedge sandals. Just like that.  Go me.

To keep with our “P” theme, please notice these crazy pink pants! But don’t administer fashion demerits for the fact that I wore the Sperry’s with them.  It was a 7 hour car ride with 2 children. Comfort over fashion, friends. Seriously.  Olivia was the photo stylist.  She posed me and her daddy was our photographer. This is what a  Reed travel day looks like.


2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Pink

  1. Hi Cathy! So nice of you to stop by. Olivia was such a trip this day. She would’ve taken the camera away from her dad if he’d let her. I’m her best friend….need to enjoy that while it lasts. 🙂

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