Understated Comfort

“Life is a delicate balance of…

being brave but with vulnerability,

being transparent but with tempered words,

operating in authority without  being oppressive,

understanding a self-awareness that  enables us to prefer others,

loving correction like we love praise

dancing in creativity while respecting boundaries,

enjoying freedom without forfeiting reverence,

exchanging self-preservation for life in God.”

–Aimee, The Ponder-er

Welcome to another day of my random thoughts.  Beware of the picture below  Why? No makeup… über casual. So NOT fashionista. I’m wearing shorts that were jeans 2 weeks ago (my first DIY), shoes that I didn’t even know I’d like.  The shoe story is actually pretty strange.  I was trapped in Nordstrom Rack by Hurricane Debbie.  True to form, I was trying on a ridiculous selection of fancy-schmancy shoes, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a pair of camel colored Sperry’s. I heard myself saying “These would be great for the beach”.  Puzzled by this, I tried them on and purchased without hesitation. I passed on beaded sandals, metallic flip-flops and a variety of other summer shoes… all for a pair of boring boat shoes. Clearly Hurricane Debbie had stirred up far more than a windstorm and some rain. A few days later, I understood the lesson to be learned from, for me, an uncharacteristic pair of Docksiders…

“My soul really longs for understated comfort” 

If you are a person who feels fatigued from running the treadmill of life or suffocated by the need to succeed, let me encourage you with this:

Success is in the Rest.  

Whether you’re a college student, a professional, a mother, wife, friend, whatever…the pressures of life come to bear against us all. They try to choke our vision, to steal our joy and to paralyze us from walking fully in our destiny.  The weapon we can wield against this adversarial pressure is to partner with the Spirit of Grace by surrendering our plans to Him. We begin to exchange striving for trust, panic for hope, ambiguity for confidence in truth.  We fail miserably when we try to combat pressure with more responsibility, more activities, more distractions, vacations, or pretty things. If we “feel” more important in accordance to such standards of success, we begin to allow those things and the influencers behind them to define or establish our value at the expense of truth. Really, if we’d pull back from the hustle, get quiet before God, take off the masks and inquire of Him, we begin to see things beyond our understanding.  Suddenly, you learn you like boat shoes although you niche yourself in stilettos.  I say that in jest, but you get the point.

Are you resting in Him?

I’m just asking.  Let’s take off the masks. I mean, after all you’ve seen me with no makeup now. 🙂


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