Kinda Chevron?

I don’t consider myself an expert on anything.  I’m always embarrassed when people talk about my fashion sense and creativity.  My secret? I know what I like and I buy it. That is all. Although, the buying part has slowed down tremendously over the past 18 months. And just to demonstrate, allow me to make an expertless (made that word up, i think) commentary on my outfit. Might I suggest that this blouse counts as a Chevron pattern, only with a hint of tribal rebellion? Or perhaps it is an EKG reading?  Not mine, though. Mine’s a bit flat these days. Chronic fatigue. Let’s not travel that road, ok?  Actually, my husband would argue that I’ve maintained expert status in one area: hoarding really old accessories in hope for a vintage revival (or big bucks at the antique road show). Take for example, the handbag pictured below.  I hate to break the news to the new generation of orange-lovers, but this bag is circa 2002 and I carried it WAY before orange was hot (not groovy–that would have been the 60s, right?)

Anyway, this Kenneth Cole Reaction bag was purchased by me, coincidentally, during the same month it appeared in a popular fashion magazine.  I remember feeling like I’d secured the Heisman of handbags! I will never get rid of it. If it were possible, I’d call a taxidermist to stuff and mount this baby.

That is all for today.


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