Three For Me.

Versatility is something we hear  much about in the world of wardrobe.  When convincing the hubby why a dress costs mucho dinero, I play the V. card. It’s the whole elevator speech, actually.

 “Honey, I mean, really this one dress is 3 different outfits….maybe more.Divide the price by 3 and it’s actually a better deal than Target” 

Try it! It works….

Exhibit A: Parameter Dress, Hattie’s Branches Fall 2010

Paired with a silk shell for a casual Friday look. Blouse, Hale Bob

Dinner out?  Hermes scarf turned  shrug.


2 thoughts on “Three For Me.

  1. High fives for versatility. The dress is quite flattering on you and really shows off your nice tan! My current fave thing to do lately is wear brights with neutrals. The combination is both vibrant yet calming.

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