Have you ever had something to say but felt restrained in the delivery?  So it is with me… my heart weighty for the families of Aurora, Colorado tonight. It’s both ironic and chilling for me to think that less than 2 months ago I was driving through that very suburb and passed the theatre several times over our 3 day visit.  Prior to that trip, I would have never even recognized Aurora on a map.  Life is very interesting.

So many things I’d like to share, but cannot. I traveled home today from a meeting in Philadelphia.  I managed to squeeze in a historical tour,  visiting the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and other  notable places.  Ate a cheese steak sans whiz and drank some really great coffee.  On nights like tonight you feel grateful for the day that climaxed over a simple afternoon cup of java. Simplicity…a welcomed gift.

Tomorrow, perhaps my words will be fluid, my thoughts conveyed clearly. But for now, I hold closely my airplane epiphany a little while longer.


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