Part ramble part rant; perhaps that’s what this is.  I’m short on energy. Not sad. Not unhappy either. But, certainly not motivated…or is it unmotivated? Or who really cares? Grammar-schmammar. I’ve not posted for a few days because I got nothing. I ask myself a lot why I even do this blog thing?  Part therapy. Part curiosity. Part creativity. Part expression. Only to find how really unoriginal. How meaningless. How uninteresting. How superficial. The stuff I really want to write, I do so with reservation, and far more rarely than it comes to me. Some of it….I can’t pen at all. How frustrating.  And then, I look around to others in my perceived blog genre…spending life on fashion and indulgence and I think, What is wrong with me? How insignificant. Who really cares? What does it really matter?  Clothes and shoes and stuff that is, after all, just stuff.  I can’t. How trivial. All this time…dedicated to the study and promotion of stuff. Moth eaten stuff

More pictures. More clothes. More recipes. More mommy tips. More fashion tips. More DIY. More Pinterest. More Follow. Like. Tweet. Share. Post. Pin. More hobbies with the end results pointing only inward. More look at me. More blah blah…pontificating, which leads me to observe more griping, more comparing, more lamenting….but not over things truly worthy of lament. Suddenly I’m in a full-on case of blogitis. Our generation is cyber drunk on self-indulgence. And rather than help an upcoming generation of disillusioned fashion monsters spending student loans on handbags it took me 5 years of savings from my corporate job to buy, I’m joining them in this forum of smoke and mirrors. Shame on me. Shame on us. Somebody press the purge button.

I’m sorry for the rant.

Truth is, all of this really stemmed from the simple fact that I just don’t want to post another thing about clothes….at least for now. 


3 thoughts on “Ramblography

  1. I’m so glad you’re coming into “the little genius” that has always been inside of you, but perhaps was too afraid to come out. It’s going to be scary for a while seeing this change inside of you because you might find your belief system is skewed or it no longer works for you, and people might not like who you are becoming, but don’t stop! Keep going with what you feel is right for YOU. No one else matters in this transition because it’s about becoming you! Can’t wait to see the manifested change! (:


    • Thank you for the sweet and encouraging words. Life is such a journey, isn’t it? We just keep learning and growing. I think that is the most exciting part!

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