Where have you been?


A friend blessed my family with a week at her lovely beach house in Anna Maria so we vacated.

We returned home to find  a week chalk full of back-to-school preparations so I bought clothes and supplies and began to coordinate schedules.

I also learned that my Realtor scheduled  3 showings, so I scrambled to keep the house together, while also packing boxes.  After all, if you anticipate a move you should plan for one.  I started packing before we left for the beach. That being said, I also planned a garage sale….for Saturday. Very ambitious.

Monday rolled around and I separated trash from treasure, packed kitchen items we don’t use daily, and other goods that are not necessary for survival. They were stored and labeled. Simultaneously, the north to south end of the garage accumulated merchandise for my Home edition of the Storage Wars.

We painted the front door, a bedroom, repaired some dry wall and kept on cleaning. Tuesday was dentist day and Owen presented with his very first (and last, I trust) cavity. The house and yard sale preparation continued. Wednesday came and we showed the house twice. This was also my first day back to work post vacation, and while on the job, I fell ill with the worst headache I’d had in a long time, but continued to press. That night we learned we had a second visit scheduled for Thursday at 8am.  More scrambling…

Thursday morning rolled around and the headache persisted. I went to work, but also to my doctor. Medication administered. Back to work….but not before a lunch break and there it happened….

While sitting amongst good friends,masking painfully the throbbing of my head with gentle laughs, I received a text from my relator.

“I have an offer. Can you meet me at my office after 4 to discuss.?”

Overwhelmed with emotion, I was overcome with sobs. My friends and I all weighed the meaning of this, for it is quite significant.  Ironically, my in-laws just so happened to walk through the door of the restaurant. It was clear to me, we were in a moment. A very important moment. The offer was not received by the person who made two visits, but another who offered after only seeing it once. I was elated.

A series text messages went out and the day continued with a mid-year review call with my boss and of course, the anticipated trip to the relator where we made our negotiation. A counter offer. Everyone very hopeful for a deal and September 14 closing.

Friday morning, the buyer came back to see the house and her decision promised by 5 pm.

I waited…

…and waited.

By 7 pm, my deal had gone south. The contract dead. I felt slapped.

But then I remembered, faith is alive it is active. Those things that look dead only sleep. And when He breathes upon them life takes form.  Through tears of disappointment, I look to the one who writes my story. Although there may be twists and turns it will be alright. After all, I’ve determined that God is the very best storyteller.

And that, my friends, is where I’ve been…if you were wondering.




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