A Lofty Idea!!!!

When I think about the evolution of this blog, I can’t help but chuckle. We went from shopping addict to budget babe. Next, a transition to outfit diary which shifted toward a more internal analysis and thus, personal epiphanies. It seems now, the posts will probably manifest as a diatribe of my real estate experience and some whining around, “Have we sold this house yet?” Just kidding.  Not really.  Today, I’d like to get back to shopping for a moment because a little birdie told me that 6 boxes of Lilly Pulitzer just arrived at The Stationery Loft.  I love this place for a variety of reasons, but namely I can ALWAYS find something unique.  Today, I’m going to stop by to find a few teacher gifts.  Owen is starting kindergarten next week. Believing deeply that the “the gift makes way for the giver”, I intend to bring a peace-offering to his teacher (aka: the saint). Any person who commits six hours everyday with my energetic little people, certainly deserves a present.  Or is it a buffer? Either way, I know Stationery Loft will have just the right thing (and maybe something for me? A self-pity purchase of sorts? ) Do you think I get extra credit for having it monogrammed?  Heidi and her team can do that too!!! Omg..Check out all these cute locker decorations!

Photos courtesy of FB Fan Page.


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