Floral Britches

I’m glad to know that my instinct on identifying trends is still somewhat in tact.  I  went shopping at Tar-jhay recently, only to notice a rather bold floral print splashed across some lightweight denim. Moments after becoming completely smitten, I wondered if, in fact, this was suitable casual attire or if I’d just taken a small blow to the head. After all, we do remember my wallpaper-wearing incident, right ? Honestly, I haven’t been following much in terms of trends, magazines, fashion blogs, etc. so I was oblivious to the  printed denim phenomenon.  But, for $20 and a smile, I bought the jeans.The next day, after posting to FB what I believed to be a bold fashion assertion, my friend shared a photo she saw. “This reminded me of you.”  A picture of fashion savvy ladies everywhere sporting’ the floral!   Later in the week, a store’s catalog came highlighting similar looks! It’s everywhere. Reassured and in very good company, I felt relieved to know my style mode isn’t completely dysfunctional. Take home message? Get yourself some floral britches!!!

Ruche Photo Courtesy of of Page.

And here are mine….


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