“Can You Say Fi Dolla !?”

We survived the first week of school!  No easy feat, I tell  you. Fully prepared to deal with the unexpected, as any mom would when her kids start a new chapter, I failed to consider that I may be the one with a bit of personal chaos. I won’t bore you with details, but in the midst of shuffling kids through car lines, packing lunches, signing agendas, completing/approving paperwork, dealing with doctors and insurance companies while also tending to my day job, a physical annoyance presented itself.  On Wednesday, my blood pressure shot to 160/106. For the rest of the week it continued to go buck wild without a license. So, Friday afternoon, I found myself in priority care, with a 180/110 reading and left with a prescription for Toprol Xl. Not so fun.

That being said, I’m not discontented by these light afflictions, and in celebration of a great week, I made some great unauthorized purchases!!!  As part of my therapy, I thought a trip to TJ Maxx would be the perfect remedy…in conjunction with the medication, of course. Doctors orders (that’s what I told Steve, anyway).

When I walked out with 4 blouses for $34.75, I felt cured, quite relaxed and also happy that one of my items cost less than a #1 at Chick-Fil-A.  See? Shirt in lieu of high fat meal!  We are DEFINITELY making progress.  Check out two of the finds below….



Welcome to the $5 Dolla Club!


2 thoughts on ““Can You Say Fi Dolla !?”

    • Aw, Thanks, Cathy. You know, I guess I’m just one of those folks whose family history of hypertension is creeping a little early. But, after a lot of prodding from friends (and my mother) I went to the doctor. I’m on medicine now and hopefully, we’ve got it under control. Have to eat a little healthier and be more committed to exercise too. Boo hiss. lol Thanks for your concern. 🙂

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