New. I guess that’s the best word, or at least the most frequently used one, to describe my state of being.  All of the sudden, it’s like everything’s new. I don’t mean that by some extravagantly romantic point-of-view.  It’s not at all a flowery declaration of revitalization. It’s an, oh bunk…all this is new. I have no idea what I’m doing.

It started with a kindergartener and a teacher (for whom the verdict remains in sealed envelope), and a complex list of expectations for a group of 5 year-old kids that I had to read 3 times to understand. Bear Binders, volunteer lists, homework, procedures etc. swirling in my head. “Sign this, read that.” I began to construct a new compartment in the left-wing of my brain, with file drawers, and I painted them in magenta chevron (just for fun).

And then I was abruptly introduced to the school’s child transport process, which is actually deserving of its own blog:


On day 2, Owen and I decided to leave at 7:15 to get an extra early start. After all, the tardy bell doesn’t sound for another hour.  When we arrived, the car line trailed all the way down the main avenue, around a long stretch of road owned by the school, and then creeped its way into the streets of a local neighborhood.  Both drop off and pick up that day took 45 minutes.  I mean, shall i bring a pop up tent, some Starbucks travelers, and a megaphone to car-line?  I see it in my future. Message to entrepreneurial kids: Forget the lemonade stand….bring the coffee and a lock box. You’ll be rich before the Miss Wizda can sound the bell.

So new. So different. And then there was the diagnosis:

Patient: MWF. 35. BP 180/110. 3 year history average of 134/90. Consistent spikes for 1 week reporting 160/104, 143/104, 180/110, 165/100


Treatment: 25 mg Toprol xl, once per day.

ugh. And, I  thought I was handling life so well. I look at my watch.  Wait, I don’t have time for this. Car-line starts soon….

I rode with my new boss yesterday.We had a great morning, followed by a lovely lunch where  I received a coaching memo at work for “missing a deadline on a computer module”, that occurred while I was on vacation…in July. My boss says, “I don’t want you to stress about this, A LOT of them went out. It’s just a NEW policy.” She followed that by a discussion around a possible promotion for me. Confusing, bizarre and of course, NEW. My husband and I are flying to Colorado next week to be with friends as they launch their new church.

Olivia is posing and coordinating fine fashion now. I only have myself to thank for that.  It is hysterical. Her conversations are becoming more involved, detailed and animated, thus requiring me to be WAY more engaged. She calls me out for not listening….a skill I’m quite sure she’s honing in on at school. She asks everyday what she will wear, which has absolutely taken priority over what I will wear, or anyone else for that matter, followed by the same question “Does this match?”

New is exhausting.


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