Several years ago I mentioned to Steve that I’d love to witness the autumn leaves change.  Being a Florida native, you only experience one season (HOT), and of course no distinct indicator of a seasonal change. Actually, the arrival of Christmas is marked for me by the cessation of hurricanes. How’s that for bizarre? But as leaves go, I learned transition of color is fleeting, quite inconsistent and somewhat unpredictable. The complication has always hindered planning and pursuit, leaving the desire tossed in my large box of some days.

This weekend however,  I found myself, quite unexpectedly, smack in the middle of a some day.  Colorado is famous for  its glorious Aspen trees whose leaves change and peak during one week in the month of September. What are the chances that I’d be there to witness?  This was the most breathtaking sight I’ve seen. We spiraled up miles and miles to 10,000ft elevation with the patches of trees becoming a more vibrant shade of gold with each turn. Glorious and majestic of course, but more importantly to me…an evident God wink. A reminder that he hears me. He remembers everything….every desire, and dream.  He grants them in due season; His timing impeccably perfect. This sight, indeed an unforgettable first.  In fact, I had a weekend full of firsts….first church service for our pastor friends, Shawn and Abigail; first trail hikes; first time playing keyboards at church, first time seeing leaves change. So, I guess you could say, my season’s changing too.  And some day soon, I’ll be able to share so much more about this journey and the goodness of God to me in the midst of it.


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