The Great Test

It’s amazing how much grace I had last year to write the Shopfast blog. Nearly everyday I penned, with great ease, all of the adventure and personal revelation I was receiving in regard to that assignment.  This year, I struggle to find the motivation to write.  It is a testament to moving with the wind of the season you are in. I suppose this is not the season for writing? Maybe it’s a year for soaking. What in the world is soaking, you ask?

Allowing my heart to marinate in the flavor of this season before journaling it, that is.  People say that if you don’t write details down immediately, you’ll forget.  I light-heartedly disagree.  See, in many cases the depth is in the pondering. Like delicious meat, the fullness of the flavor comes after soaking in spices awhile. I also believe that the significant things always come to your remembrance at the right time. More importantly, if given the opportunity to mull over things, analysis and interpretation become much more refined.

Tis important not to be hasty. In fact, that was one of the most elementary lessons learned last year… through the exercise of pulled-back purchasing. Don’t be hasty: you don’t need that. Just wait.  Everything that is permissible is not profitable.  Wait. Wait. Wait.

Little did I know that the waiting and the steadfastness in that season was preparation for this one.

We really do build upon our experiences. We really do carry the strength we gathered in years past into new days.

We should never underestimate the value of seemingly superficial assignments. Life is a great test.

On a lighter note, my personal style is evolving….a little simpler…much more casual.  As it turns out, I really love moccasins.  Oh, and almost forgot! I made a new pact with myself to thrift denim.  Rather than purchase new duds, I’m on the hunt for lightly used designer denim.  In the photos below, I’m wearing Level 99 that I scored at Plato’s closet for $18. The photos were taken in Colorado. Steve and I had such a wonderful time together.  He really is my best statement piece. hee hee.



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