Ring My Bell

Culinary wisdom…well, lets just say, not my forte.  If only I could coordinate eclectic food pairings or marry contrasting ingredients in a harmonious union, like I do with fabric and clothes….my goodness. I mean, can you actually train your brain to look at asparagus like a pencil skirt? I had these thoughts last night as I stared over, yet another, one dish casserole.  You know,  the ones where you slop all the main ingredients with a can of cream of sumpin’ good in a pan and bake.  350 degrees, 40 minutes.  Minimum amounts of brain watts expended. Done.  Suddenly, I had a creative surge of succulent inspiration, which leads me to leak this most significant divulgence:

“When your Cassie needs some fancy, just shove it in a bell pepper!”

The bell pepper is like the perfect lightweight trench or cardigan for your outfit (if we were translating in clothes speak, that is)! The other night, I did this with black beans and rice, a little minced portobella mushroom and some spices. After all, there are only so many cleverly cute ways to present a bean and grain. Now, how to dress up that wheat Matzo cracker? Hmmm…Jury’s still out on that one. In other breaking news, I haven’t caffeinated in one week.  A marvel, I tell you…the 8th World wonder….Decaffeinated Aimee.



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