For those who have wondered if I always dwell in a tunnel of contemplative thought, let me assure you that I can be as silly as I am serious. Exhibit A: Last weekend @ Doak Campbell Stadium. A sweet friend of mine invited me to join her in cheering on the Seminoles. As a graduate of this great university during the time now defined as “legendary” among fans, I can say it was the BEST performance I’ve seen since we roasted gator tail in 1999. That being said, things got pretty serious by the end of the first half. We were trailing and looking toward a grand embarrassment at home if the tide didn’t change. However, after a 3rd quarter revival, we were shouting, chopping, throwing up high fives, and dancing in the stands. Nothing to analyze or digest….just pure fun.

And frankly, it was the perfect day. Just what I needed before launching into what is going to be a very busy time for me over the next few months!

Go Noles!








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