I Read the Instruction! It Said…Wait!?

I’m always amazed at how people buzz around like bees. Busy bees, so often evaluating success upon how many activities they can juggle and how well they perform.  I was one of those too. Was. Until one day, the person who influences my life the most shared with me that I’m are not rewarded just on the “doing”. I am not strengthened by activities, jobs, or even seemingly selfless philanthropy.

I am strengthened by waiting.

Waiting upon the Lord for instruction, empowerment and grace to go and do is the secret to success.  Then, and only then, our works are full of power and potency. They yield lots of fruit and great reward.  Occasionally, God will give me a glimpse of big picture stuff…my life’s assignment or what He’s called me to do.  He may speak a word of encouragement or confirmation through another to me.  At times like this, my first response is usually “Oh yes! Let’s do it. Let’s make that happen right now.”  Rarely though, during those times, do I actually get to execute on what he’s revealing. More often than not, the sneak peek is the precursor to a period of waiting. I’ve been in the waiting place since May, to be perfectly honest.  My words are few. My creativity seems scarce. I’m just praying, waiting, and following…baby steps.  If it’s difficult to wrap your head around the concept, perhaps this video will help.  I’m just like a big kid with a fat marshmallow! Have a great weekend!




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