Pose Workshop for Top Buttons. Oh, Yes I did.

A team of young ladies and I are helping our friend Sarah Powers launch a movement to inspire our youth around modesty and Godly living. Top Buttons, a non-profit organization focused on modesty in fashion, aims to reach a generation of ladies who want to showcase creativity and grace more than skin; young leaders who refuse to be relegated to a culture of less is more when it comes to their dress. Trailblazers in the area of creative style, they are redefining fashion in a way that brings glory to God. I am honored to have been invited as a contributing stylist on this project. Today, a couple of the girls and I conducted a photo shoot for the November 2nd launch of the blog.

The funny thing about the girls is they love to be photographed but feel awkward striking a pose.  I shared a couple of my go to secrets:

1.Wear big sunglasses for added drama and to save yourself eye makeup application.

2.Forget the formality.

3. Relax. Don’t take yourself so seriously…even with those serious look shots.

4. Have fun!

When you see my photo tutorial on striking a pose (pictured below), you will understand why the ladies experienced bellowing laughter. I wish I could share their images. Classified stuff. wink wink. Hop on Facebook and give Top Buttons a like!



Shorts: Mossimo (Target), Blouse: Kenar (TJ Maxx), Necklace: Stella & Dot, Sunnies: Tom Ford, Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: Joan&David


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