I Am New.

Happy New Year.  It’s been awhile since I’ve surfaced onto the blogosphere and much has changed for me. For one, this is the first time in a few years that I’ve bagged resolutions. Perhaps it’s because over the past 6 months, I’ve learned just how easily the best laid plans can fall to the wayside.

Everything in my life, presently, is new. New life. New home. New State. New Jobs. New Church. New Community. New Culture. New Schools. New Doctors. New Friends. A New assignment.

It was a spiritual call that changed everything for us. In the past, I formulated every belief i had upon my wants and desires. But a few years ago, I was confronted by the Spirit of Grace in regard to the mediocrity of my faith..a lukewarmness in trust and commitment to the cross.  Did I really believe the principles for which I was called and committed to walk out? Did I really embrace the sacrifice of His cross?  What did it really mean “He who loses his life will find it?”  Over the course of several tear-filled hours, I began to inquire of the Lord…to search Him…invited Him to search me. I began to repent of my half-hearted affection. I asked him to transform me…inside out.  And, something changed that day…a renewed passion…uncompromising affection, unrelenting surrender to Him was cemented inside my heart. It was a defining moment in my walk with God. Not my way, Lord, but Yours.  That day, I told the Lord that He had me. I’d follow Him no matter the cost. That was in July of 2010.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been doing what normal families do. Steve and I enjoyed our days in sunny Florida, raising our kids and hanging out with family. We’d built solid careers and had the kind of comfort that you dream about. Neither of us are quick to seek adventure or make rash decisions.  So when the Lord prompted us to help our friends plant a church in Denver, Colorado, we were in unchartered waters. Prayerfully, and with willing hands, we petitioned the Lord to make His direction clear. We trusted Him to orchestrate every detail.  Over the course of this blog, I will share in more detail about this, but for now, I’ll suffice to say that in less that six months, we sold our home in Lakeland. Steve retired from Publix after 21 years to take a fabulous opportunity in the same field of work….his new company fully relocating us. I was promoted to a vaccines position with my company and able to continue my career. The children are enrolled in a terrific Christian school and enjoying the novelty of winter sports. We found a beautiful home to share with all of the wonderful people we’ll meet here. Hospitality is something I’ve always enjoyed.  At the moment, I’m snuggled up, reflecting upon the wonderous ways God made provision for us to be a small part of this exciting season. I’m thankful for the gifts He’s granted and also for those that have been revived in our hearts. In many ways, I’m still amazed that He moved us clear across the country…and certainly anticipate understanding more about that.

So, I’m back to blogging, but with a different goal in mind. I want to connect with you. I appreciate your prayers and support. I hope that in this new year you will join me on this adventure, as I do my best to share the greatness of our God. I hope that you will be inspired to follow Him with all of your heart, and without reservation.  I hope you will dare to believe big….that you can be everything he’s called you to be….that it’s never too late. If you don’t know Him, maybe I can help you meet Him here. He truly is making all things new.  I believe that I am now new so He can be known.

Love from Colorado,




8 thoughts on “I Am New.

  1. I must say you amaze me!! God has plans for all of us ; ) I’m sad I won’t get to see your beautiful smiling face, however I am a believer and when HE calls you answer!

  2. Hi Aimee! So nice to see your smiling face on the blog. Colorado is a BIG change from Florida and how exciting for you and your family. You look great and happy (I want that cardigan, btw). Best wishes for the new year!

    • Hi Van! I love how we can keep in touch via these blogs. So great! The cardigan is from a store called Sundance. It’s like a Coloradoesque Anthropologie and i adore it.

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