All Choked Up.

My day started and ended choking. I choked in the accounting office of my kids’ new school, where my new-found commitment to annual fees and tuition  left me needing to borrow Owen’s inhaler. Education is worth it. My kids are worth it….and I continue to chant this while high-fiving my reflection in the mirror.  That same mirror, which needs desperately to be bathed in Windex , also reminds me that I’m the  head resident cleaning lady. Excellent.  Let me just squeeze that in sometime between a potty break and a chug of morning coffee. Should work out fine.  I’m learning QUICKLY how to make and keep appointments with myself and all of the responsibilities that come with living in a town where you know 5 or so people..and no mommy to call for reinforcements.

Later, I choked on a fudge covered cinnamon gummy bear; my solution to frostbite in the 13 degree element. I did not know it was possible to have your esophagus  incinerated while your hands shiver clutching the steering wheel. I found out today that is, in fact, possible.  Have you ever even heard of fudge covered gummies?  It was a first for me.  And on the fashion front, I realize that the uniform of the area is something A La The North Face.

For me? It’s rubber boots with obnoxiously fluffy animal print socks and a bright orange sweater. A nod to wild animals certainly must be good in the west, right? Well, it makes me happy…sort of like my new living room that fits my piano perfectly. And who says the Big Guy doesn’t care about the details???

And that being said, I’m just choked up….again. Happy, Happy.

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4 thoughts on “All Choked Up.

  1. 1) couldn’t sleep. Found this email. Score!

    2) fudge covered gummies? I’m on a mission

    3) your living room looks like it belongs in a magazine! Beautiful!!!

    4) you have skinny legs!

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