In the spirit of full transparency, let me just say…I’m whipped. I’m told that I should blame any and all things out of the ordinary on the altitude. So, let’s just go with that. And I will blame the lack of interesting content and babbling on it as well. A few things I’ve learned this week include, but are not limited to, the following:

People here have unusual survival stories: cattle goring (need I say more)

Every city has a ghetto. If your GPS if off, you will undoubtedly find your way to it.

When you are the only representative of your family both immediate and extended available to nurture your children, well, you do a whole lot more nurturing.


You burn more calories in cold climates (which would be great if your body didn’t realize what it was doing and stopped demanding snacks)

Gymbucks are awesome.  I never shopped for my kids at Gymboree, but I do now.

Ramen noodles are still cool.

It was 51 degrees today.  I felt warm. Could it be that I’m becoming truly Coloradian?

Always, Always, Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses and moisturizer.  It is beyond bright.


Yes, things are going really well. So well, in fact, that my husband felt perfectly comfortable  jetting to the slopes with friends leaving me at the helm.  What a vote of confidence! yea right.

Aimee_4875ed Aimee_4880ed



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