The Mailbox

Olivia and I have something in common….well several things, actually, but I’ll focus on one: We love mail.  One perk of this move is that I continue to receive Christmas cards. Today, 4 that were forwarded to me finally arrived. It’s amazing how seemingly small things have become so magnified in my recent yearning to connect with people and pieces of home.  A card…a note…a text. Each one seems to come at just the perfect time. I continue to be perplexed by the way in which I miss friends and family so much, yet feel so settled and peaceful here. We are finding our new normal. Yet, change seems to greet me at every cross-road. For I’ve found myself doing unusual things (at least for me) like making fresh healthy meals, suiting my kids up in cowboy gear , and slowing my pace. Tomorrow we’re going to a stock show with cows and bulls and horses and stuff like that. Yee Haw.  Is this crazy or what? And, I kind of like it.  I like mountains in my daily commute, and the whisper of the wild.  I love hearing my boots crush snow and  the glittery reflection of the morning sun upon it.  I love my family and that we are doing this together. And most of all, I adore the opportunity of tomorrow….the life that God is breathing upon us and on those we encounter in this season. He knows how to read our mail.






Aimee2013_4889 Aimee2013_4892ed

And I did mention that we had a few things in common, right???



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