Ranked up at the top of life’s unpleasantries somewhere between stabbing your own eye out with a fork and birthing a child without an epidural, is visiting the DMV.  Every time I go it occurs to me that I must have missed the sign stating a “3 day no shower minimum before being served.”  As my friend recently pointed out, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your tetanus shot is up to date before entering the building.  Nothing worse that contracting a communicable disease when all you’re trying to do is get your license renewed.

Today I made the trip to the Colorado DMV to have a license transfer. To my surprise, it was very clean and extremely efficient. I was in and out in less than an hour and without an appointment. However,  a moment of embarrassment sought me out when the clerk asked me to verify my height and weight,

“Well, it’s the same  as it’s always been. See there on the card”, I responded.

“Yes, miss I see that you are about 5’5, but how much do you weigh? It’s not represented on the Florida license.”  I looked around, the gentlemen to my right and left  staring.  Was it really necessary that we make this declaration for everyone to hear?  I mean, I already agreed to donate my organs and disclosed that I’m a republican in the same breath. It’s a blue state for goodness sake.  I leaned over the counter beckoning the clerk to give an ear and whispered the number. I also offered a disclaimer around the frequent fluctuation and how I can’t be responsible to maintain the record.  He nodded. I breathed a sigh as they snapped my mug shot and then scurried away to hide in the corner.

While waiting, a man approached me,

“Hey, I heard the guy ask you about your weight!  What an awkward thing to have to answer in a room full of strangers. So you’re new to the area? ”

“Yea. I am and actually, in Florida they didn’t ask for weight. ”

He went on to welcome me to the state, sharing that he moved from Florida himself about 5 years ago.  He was curious about what brought us here, so I told him about the church. “How cool is that!”, he said.  At the point I was going to share more, I was summoned to finish the license process.  As I walked out the man said. “Hey…have fun on your venture. It’s going to work out for you.”

It was so interesting…the choice of words.  Not “I hope it works out”. Not  a simple “Good Luck.” I could sense the confidence in his remarks and I couldn’t help but wonder….Did I just entertain an angel unaware?

I smiled.  Reassurance and encouragement are all around us, even when we least expect it. As for the DMV… I rocked it.






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