The Sitting Chair

On my way home from work, I tip-toed into Target partly on a craving for M&Ms and party because I’m always scouring the seasonal home accessories. I’ve been on a decorating project (first one in about 7 years). Interior Decorating is a lot like plastic surgery. Seriously,  you see one enhancement opportunity and the instant you engage it, another problem area mysteriously pops up. And so it has been for me with various areas of my house. Dangerous, I tell you. Dangerous. For the most part, I’ve been moving things around within the house until I get the proper placement.  Through the most recent aesthetic poking and prodding of my furniture a cute reading nook was born.  Initially, I chose an awkward corner in my living room to place a chair holding significant emotional real estate. By natural measure, the seat could have been sold in a yard sale years ago, and really never fit in our Lakeland home either. But, it was my first piece acquired and reupholstered as a newlywed. Nevertheless, will probably travel on with me for some time. Not much to look at, it never seems to fit in. Rather, it always stands out. Perhaps that’s why I love it so much.

Beauty rests in unintentional arrangements.  Joy can be found in the most unusual and inelegant places. Repurposing is far more powerful than replacing.  

I suppose, I ‘m not just talking about furniture anymore. I have no idea why life, as I see it, is often an object lesson.  But, I am encouraged today through the silent story of a old sitting chair.  Target did help me with the slouchy sweater and scarf  instead of house wares. Less than $20 and I feel like a million!

Aimee2013_4918 Aimee2013_4921


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